31 Gorgeous Layered Haircuts And Hairstyles For Long Hair

Layered haircuts and hairstyles for long hair are both stylish and practical for women of any age with longer locks. The layers create movement, volume, and shape that can transform limp, lifeless hair into a beautiful mane.

Whether you want something sleek, messy, smooth, or piecey, a layered cut is incredibly versatile. Let’s look at some beautiful layered haircuts and hairstyles that will bring out the best in your long locks:

1. Effortless Curly Blond Layers

Blonde volumized curly layers on long hair.

Embrace the timeless charm of soft, flowing, layered curls. This beautiful style brings its natural texture with each tousled wave, creating a look that’s as carefree as it is elegant.

2. Fiery Straight Orange Red Layers

Fiery orange red straight long hair with layers on beautiful woman wearing red lipstick.

This rich, fiery orange shade paired with a smooth, straight layered cut is all about confidence and turns heads, proving that style knows no age. It’s a striking choice for the daring woman who’s ready to make a statement.

3. Natural Ringlets

Long layered brown curls.

Curly-haired queens, let your spirals reign! This layered haircut for long hair celebrates dense, springy curls that bring volume and personality to the forefront. It’s a wonderful expression of individuality and zest.

4. Straight Sun-Kissed Feathered Layers

Straight feathered highlights on long layered brown hair.

Step out with layers that whisper of summer breezes and warm sunlight. This hairstyle features long, flowing layers with a gorgeous balayage that frames the face beautifully. It’s a sophisticated yet easygoing style that shines with multi-dimensional color.

5. Whimsical Layered Waves with Bangs

Long layered waves with fringe on pretty woman with sun shining on back.

Step into a fairytale with whimsical waves paired with a dreamy fringe. This look marries soft, bouncy waves with a playful fringe, offering a youthful spirit that’s fabulous at any age.

6. Face-Framing Balayage

Straight face-framing layers on long blond highlighted hair.

Flaunt a luscious balayage that dances between shades of ash and platinum. This hairstyle showcases a seamless blend of colors on long, layered locks, providing a modern twist.

7. Highlighted Layers with Bangs

Long layers with bangs and highlights on beautiful smiling woman with brown hair.

Embrace the effortless elegance of seamless layers. This hairstyle features smooth, flowing highlighted layers that add volume and movement, perfect for a dynamic and polished look.

8. Radiant Copper Red Waves

Bright copper layered haircut for long hair.

Revel in the radiance of these luscious copper orange-red, long-layered waves. The vibrant hue combined with the gentle flow of waves offers a playful yet sophisticated look that’s full of life.

9. Straight Platinum Elegance

Platinum blond straight hair with layers on pretty smiling woman.

Opt for pure elegance with this platinum blonde layered mane. The color graces long, luxurious layers that fall effortlessly, creating a look that’s both chic and timeless.

10. Razor Cut Layers

Razor cut layered haircut for long hair.

Celebrate your timeless beauty with this classic razor-cut layered hairstyle. The graceful layers fall perfectly, creating a soft, natural look that’s both versatile and effortlessly chic.

11. Feathered Caramel Swirl

Feathered caramel brown layers on beautiful smiling woman.

Bask in the glow of warm caramel swirls. This rich, dimensional color is full of depth, with layered waves that add body and bounce. It’s a playful yet polished style.

12. Dark Blonde Shag

Dark blonde shag haircut with layers on long hair.

Step out with the softly sunkissed strands of this beautiful layered shag hairstyle for long hair. The gentle blend of highlights creates an almost ethereal frame for the face, while the layers add movement and life.

13. Ebony Butterfly Waves

Layered butterfly haircut on long black hair.

Cascading ebony waves flow like a river of silk. This luxurious layered look has a timeless appeal, with glossy locks that exude a sense of mystery and depth.

14. Cinnamon Piecey Layers

Face-framing piecey layers on long brown hair.

Rich tones of warm brown hair interlace with hints of auburn in this layered haircut with long, piecey layers. The voluptuous volume and flowing layers create a vibrant, youthful aura.

15. Layers with Chunky Highlights

Layers with chunky highlights on long hair.

Chunky layers of blonde highlights catch the light and create an illuminating frame around the face. The soft, sun-kissed strands blend seamlessly with the base color, offering a look that’s effortlessly chic.

16. Beach Blonde Textured Waves

Beach blonde textured layered waves on long blonde hair.

This layered haircut captures the essence of beach blonde hair that gives an easy-going yet chic vibe. The light, sun-kissed color complements the relaxed, tousled, layered waves.

17. Feathered Cut with Highlighted Tips

Feathered highlighted layers on long brown hair.

These soft brunette feathered layers with subtly highlighted tips add dimension and movement. The volume and softness of the waves give a feminine touch.

18. Feathered Angled Layers

Feathered angled layers on long brown hair, back view.

A rich caramel volume comes to life with deep, flowing layers that add body and bounce. The warm tones are perfect for highlighting the complexion.

19. Messy Layered Shag

Messy layered shag haircut on pretty smiling woman with long blonde hair.

This messy layered long shag creates a joyful, sunlit tousled look that’s both invigorating and stylish. The golden highlights playfully catch the light, suggesting a free-spirited personality.

20. Layered V-Cut

Layered v-cut on long light brown hair, back view in salon.

In this light brown layered v-cut, cool-toned strands are artfully layered to create a modern and sophisticated silhouette. It’s a polished look that carries an air of elegance.

21. Tousled Textured Layers

Tousled textured layers on beautiful woman with long hair outside in sun.

Warm windswept waves offer a romantic and carefree vibe, with gentle curls that seem kissed by the setting sun. The soft layers add movement and volume.

22. Auburn Swoopy Layers

Long swoopy layers on beautiful smiling woman with long auburn hair with red highlights.

This cut radiates with a dynamic auburn flow, showcasing voluminous layers that add life and movement to the hair. The rich, warm tones of auburn paired with the flowing red highlighted layers around the face create a vibrant look.

23. Straight Long Layers

Straight long hair with long layers, side/back view in hair salon.

This honey-shaded long hairstyle has soft, sandy highlights that cascade through a blend of expertly cut layers. The depth and structure of the cut give a contemporary feel that’s both stylish and timeless.

24. Caramel Layers with Curtain Bangs

Long wavy layers with curtain bangs on smiling woman.

Beautiful curtain bangs join luscious layers that tumble down in a harmony of warm tones and soft waves. This hairstyle exudes a relaxed sophistication.

25. Shaggy Layers with Side Swept Bangs

Long layers with side swept bangs.

A playful take on the classic shag, this layered hairstyle has piecey, highlighted layers. The layers are choppy and frame the face beautifully, infusing a sense of movement and edginess.

26. Piecey Ombre Beach Waves

Lon piecey ombre layers, back view.

Ombre beach waves are layered for volume and definition. The color transitions from a rich brunette to a carefree blonde, mirroring the gradient hues of a beach sunset.

27. Sleek Layered Lob

Sleek layered lob on brown hair, woman looking down.

This sleek brunette lob (long bob) is all about sophistication with a modern edge. The layered cut is clean, and the mid-length hair falls just below the shoulders, giving a refreshing and polished look.

28. Voluminous Blended Feathers Layers

Blended feathered layers on long blond highlighted hair, back view.

These luscious layered curls are a testament to timeless beauty. The gradual highlights add depth and dimension, creating an illustrious look on long hair that’s both modern and ageless.

29. Face-Framing Highlights with Center Part

Face-framing blond highlights on a woman with long brown wavy hair and center part.

These sun-kissed layers are designed to bring warmth and vibrancy to your look. The artful blending of shades and layers complements the natural flow of the hair, giving a sense of weightlessness and freedom.

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30. Voluminous Beachy Blonde Layered Waves

Voluminous layered waves on smiling woman with very long hair.

Imagine your hair catching the light with every step! These beachy blonde waves are the epitome of carefree elegance. The light and dark interplay within the layers create an enchanting contrast, reminiscent of sunny days by the sea.

31. Soft Fringed Long Layers

Long layers with soft fringe bangs on smiling woman.

Embrace the youthful edge of a soft fringe paired with flowing layers. This hairstyle strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and playfulness, framing the face with a gentle cascade of layers.

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