33 Short Wavy Hairstyles That Will Make You Want to Chop Your Locks

A short hairstyle infused with waves is incredibly versatile and often easier to maintain than longer styles. If you’ve been considering a change, we chose these short wavy hairstyles to inspire you to take the leap and embrace a fresh and fun new short style.

1. Wavy Blunt Bob with Bangs

Wavy Blunt Bob with Bangs Short Hairstyle.

A straight-across cut with waves adds a modern look to the classic bob cut. This tousled style keeps your morning routine fast and efficient. It’s perfect for showcasing your waves without spending too much time on styling.

2. Textured Wavy Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Textured Wavy Bob with Side-Swept Bangs Short Hairstyle.

This bob is all about texture, with side-swept bangs softening the face. The cut provides movement and a playful flair. It is low maintenance and looks effortlessly chic with just a quick tousle.

3. Wavy Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Wavy Bob with Side-Swept Bangs Short Hairstyle.

Waves give life to the traditional bob, while side-swept bangs bring a romantic touch. It also brings incredible volume to your hair, making it appear fuller and more vibrant.

4. Tousled Wavy Bob with Bangs

Wavy Blunt Bob with Bangs Short Hairstyle.

A tousled look makes a statement, and with waves, it’s a bold one. You get a style that stands out yet is easy to care for. The choppy layers and textured waves give a flirty and fun vibe, while the bangs frame your face beautifully.

5. Pixie Pomp

Pixie Pomp Short Hairstyle.

The pixie pompadour offers a voluminous top with short, easy sides. It’s your go-to for adding height and dimension to your look. Quick drying and styling, this cut is for the woman on the go.

6. Wavy French Bob

Wavy French Bob Short Hairstyle.

Chin-length charm with a wavy flair, this bob adds a Parisian twist to your look. Bangs frame the face while the waves add volume and body. It’s ideal for a touch of elegance with minimal effort.

7. Tousled Wavy Pixie

Tousled Wavy Pixie Short Hairstyle.

Short and sassy, this pixie is all about the tousled waves that create a carefree look. Its texture brings volume to finer hair types. Plus, the wash-and-go potential makes it a winner for busy mornings.

8. Shaggy Waves with Bangs

Shaggy Waves with Bangs Short Hairstyle.

These chic layers bring a rock ‘n’ roll edge to your waves. Its versatility shines with bangs that can be styled in or out of your face, and the shaggy style works well with all face shapes.

9. Blunt Ombre Wavy Bob

Blunt Ombre Wavy Bob Short Hairstyle.

A blunt cut with a hint of wave offers a sleek yet playful profile. The added ombre effect adds dimension to your waves, giving them a beautiful gradient color. Perfect for adding some brightness and warmth to your hair!

10. Tousled Wavy Layers

Tousled Wavy Layers Short Hairstyle.

Soft layers throughout give this style an effortless feel that moves with you. It’s the perfect balance between polished and carefree. It’s a go-to for a voluminous look without the weight, and it’s ideal for fine hair seeking a boost.

11. Auburn Wavy Bob with Center Part

Auburn Wavy Bob with Center Part Short Hairstyle.

Waves surround the face in this auburn bob parted down the middle. It’s all about framing your features with a playful bounce. Quick styling and a fresh look that stays in place are the perks here.

12. Layered Waves with Swooping Bangs

Layered Waves with Swooping Bangs Short Hairstyle.

Layers create depth, and swooping bangs add a touch of whimsy to this short cut. This style brings out your eyes and softens your jawline.

13. Retro-Inspired Finger Waves

Retro-Inspired Finger Waves Short Hairstyle.

Old Hollywood glamour is reborn with these soft finger waves. The style is a nod to classic beauty. This style works great with short, wavy hair, adding volume and texture to your waves.

14. Chin-Length Wavy Bob

Chin-Length Wavy Bob Short Hairstyle.

Textured waves provide volume and movement to this trendy short hairstyle. The subtle highlights strategically placed throughout the hair add depth and dimension, too. And if you want, you can easily switch up your look by adding in some more layers or styling it straight for a sleeker appearance.

15. Face-Framing Loose Waves

Face-Framing Loose Waves Short Hairstyle.

A slight wave is added to straightened hair in this voluminous face-framing style. Waves gently outline the face for a soft, approachable look.

16. Chin-Length Wavy Bob

Tousled Wavy Bob Short Hairstyle.

Try a short wavy bob that’s a versatile and stylish choice with its blunt ends and soft texture. Its length is ideal for highlighting the jawline and neck, while the waves add flattering volume no matter your face shape.

17. Wavy Bixie

Wavy Bixie Short Hairstyle.

A playful pairing of a pixie and bob, the bixie is the best of both styles: easy upkeep and a slightly longer cut. This cut is perfect for women with thin or fine hair, as the waves create the illusion of thicker hair.

18. Wavy Bob with Face-Framing Highlights

Wavy Bob with Face-Framing Highlights Short Hairstyle.

Waves coupled with face-framing highlights make this bob a head-turner. It brightens your complexion and gives your hair a dimensional pop.

19. Asymmetrical Wavy Pixie

Asymmetrical Wavy Pixie Short Hairstyle.

The asymmetrical cut brings an edgy look that’s bold and striking. The uneven nature of this cut helps to frame your face, highlighting your best features.

20. Cropped Platinum Waves

Cropped Platinum Waves Short Hairstyle.

Short, cropped, and platinum, these waves are a statement of modern edge. The cool-toned hue pairs well with the textured cut. The waves can be worn loose or styled in different ways depending on your mood or occasion.

21. Textured Cropped Waves

Textured Cropped Waves Short Hairstyle.

Cropped waves bring texture to the forefront, and the short and choppy layers create a messy, undone look. Perfect for a low-maintenance routine with a high-impact look.

22. Voluminous Wavy Bob

Voluminous Wavy Bob Short Hairstyle.

Bouncy waves pump up the volume in this bob, crafting a playful vibe. It’s a fantastic way to add body to your hair, making every day a good hair day!

23. Voluminous Wavy Pixie

Voluminous Wavy Pixie Short Hairstyle.

Try a cut that brings textured volume into your style. This textured pixie cut with waves adds volume on top, creating a modern, tousled look that’s stylish and easy to manage.

24. Textured Wavy Bob

Textured Wavy Bob Short Hairstyle.

The textured wavy bob is all about movement and ease, offering a laid-back look. It’s a wash-and-wear dream for those with a busy lifestyle. Also, it’s just about long enough for a ponytail.

25. Cropped Old Hollywood Waves

Sculpted Wavy Bob Short Hairstyle.

Old Hollywood waves get a modern trim in this cropped look. It’s a timeless classic perfect for bringing glamour to the everyday. Easy to dress up, it’s ideal for adding a bit of vintage to your step.

26. Short Layered Waves

Short Layered Waves Short Hairstyle.

Highlighted layers create movement in these short waves, framing the face with a playful bounce. The layering technique gives life to thin hair and can remove weight from thick hair. An effortless wake-up-and-go look.

27. Tousled Wavy Pixie

Tousled Wavy Pixie Short Hairstyle.

This tousled pixie is all about embracing imperfection! The waves add volume where it’s needed, and the tousled look means no two days are the same.

28. Highlighted Wavy Bob

Highlighted Wavy Bob Short Hairstyle.

Strategically placed highlights accentuate the waves in this bob, offering depth and warm dimension. Highlights like these can create an optical illusion of more volume. It’s a versatile look we love.

29. Bouncy Wavy Bob

Bouncy Wavy Bob Short Hairstyle.

The bounce in this bob gives a nod to youthfulness, with waves that are full of life. The cut offers a perfect balance between manageable lengths and enough body to turn heads.

30. Voluminous Wavy Pixie

Voluminous Wavy Pixie Short Hairstyle.

A voluminous pixie with waves gives you texture and depth. The volume up top works wonders for elongating your face, while the waves are a playful touch. It’s bold and edgy.

31. Wavy Pixie with Tapered Fade

Wavy Pixie with Tapered Fade Short Hairstyle.

A wavy pixie cut with a tapered fade combines precision with fluidity. The longer waves on top provide, while the fade creates a sleek, clean look at the sides. This contrast speaks to a modern style.

32. Textured Blunt Waves with Bangs

Textured Blunt Waves with Bangs Short Hairstyle.

Create a balanced look with blunt ends that make your waves stand out. Bangs add a touch of softness, framing the face. The texture gives the style a relaxed feel.

33. Textured Wavy Pixie

Textured Wavy Pixie Short Hairstyle.

A pixie cut with plenty of texture adds volume and makes a statement. It’s all about movement and an airy feel. This cut is as functional as it is fashionable, requiring minimal styling.

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