32 Gorgeous and Easy Long Hairstyles For Women

Whether you’re looking to unleash the romantic waves that cascade down your back, explore the bold world of braids, or experiment with sleek, polished styles that turn heads, there’s something magical about long hairstyles that just can’t be ignored.

The following stunning long hairstyles are sure to ignite your passion for length. Get ready to be inspired!

1. Ombre Layers with Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs with ombre layers on long hair.

This style flaunts breezy layers with a chic ombré gradient from rich dark brown roots to honeyed ends. It’s a low-upkeep look that adds volume and frames the face effortlessly. Ideal for a fresh, vibrant vibe.

2. Whimsical Updo

Whimsical updo on smiling woman with long brown hair.

This playful updo pairs a high bun with face-framing tendrils. It’s a whimsical choice that’s stylish and practical, keeping hair up while softening the look with loose curls around the face.

3. Beachy Waves

Long blond beachy waves on smiling woman.

Sun-drenched and carefree, these beachy waves exude a laid-back vibe. This style offers an easygoing look with its tousled texture and golden highlights.

4. Textured Layers with Bangs

Textured layers on beautiful woman with long brown hair with bangs.

Feathered bangs and flowing layers is a dynamic look that combines texture with style, giving off an effortlessly chic vibe. Perfect for framing the face and adding a modern twist.

5. Balayage Waves

Brown balayage waves on beautiful smiling woman.

Highlighted balayage waves cascade down in this full-bodied style, giving off a vibrant, dimensional look. The rich blend of browns and blondes creates a dimensional effect that catches the light beautifully.

6. Straight Blonde with Bangs

Straight long blonde hair with bangs on smiling woman.

Bright, beachy blonde hair flows with a gentle wave in this eye-catching look. Feathered bangs add a touch of whimsy and frame the face with a soft edge. The light-catching hues work together to amplify the hair’s natural sway and texture.

7. Loose Side Braid

Loose side braid on beautiful woman with reddish brown long hair.

A thick, side-swept braid presents an effortlessly chic allure. The contrast of the loose waves at the top with the structured braid creates a relaxed yet polished profile.

8. Face-Framing Layers

Face framing layers on long brown highlighted hair.

Long, flowing layers create a sense of movement and dimension. The subtle highlights enhance the hair’s natural contours, giving it a vibrant, healthy glow. It’s a timeless look that combines ease and elegance.

9. Sleek Ponytail

Sleek high ponytail on beautiful smiling woman.

A high ponytail offers a chic, polished appearance, with smooth hair pulled back to showcase the face. The pony’s volume and the mix of tones give a dynamic, energetic look.

10. Textured Low Bun with Volume

Textured Low Bun with Volume. Side view of smiling woman with long brown hair in bun.

This textured updo teases with its playful curls and artful volume. Stray wisps soften the edges, lending a romantic air to the overall silhouette. It’s an artistic twist on the traditional bun, perfect for special events or just to bring a little elegance to everyday wear.

11. Textured Shag

Textured shag long hairstyle.

This shag cut brings a rebellious twist with its choppy layers and tousled waves. It’s a look that’s brimming with texture and personality.

12. Retro Hollywood Waves

Retro Hollywood waves hairstyles on pretty woman with long brown hair.

Glossy waves cascade down with a sleek, polished finish in this luxurious Old Hollywood style. The rich color and smooth texture convey a sense of elegance and sophistication.

13. Half Up Style

Half up hairstyle from back.

The twist of this half-up style adds a touch of intricacy to the flowing waves. The mix of textures from the twist to the loose curls creates a dynamic and romantic look.

14. Natural Waves

Natural waves on beautifl woman with long brown hair and highlights.

Here’s a relaxed, natural wave long hairstyle that exudes a carefree spirit. The subtle highlights enhance the texture, giving a sun-kissed effect.

15. Bouncy Curls

Beautiful smiling woman with long brown bouncy curls hairstyle.

Bouncy curls full of life and volume define this joyful hairstyle. The rich texture and natural spirals create a lively, playful look that’s full of character. This style celebrates the beauty of curls in their most exuberant form.

16. Silky Straight

Smiling woman with long straight brown hair.

This style showcases silky, straight hair that shines with health and sleekness. The subtle layers give it a light, airy feel, while the natural fall frames the face elegantly.

17. Voluminous Long Layers

Long blond hair with voluminous layers. From behind.

Vibrant layers cascade down the back, creating a look full of volume. The blend of hues enhances the depth and richness of the style.

18. Ombre Waves

Long ombre brown to blond waves. From behind.

This gorgeous long hairstyle showcases stunning ombre shades, where the color melts from a deep brown to a creamy blonde. The smooth transition and soft waves together create a luxurious and modern look.

19. Thick Messy Fishtail Braid

Thick messy fishtail braid. From back.

What a stunning and creative take on the classic fishtail braid! The thickness and the slightly tousled style give it a beautiful texture and a sense of laid-back elegance. This kind of braid works wonderfully for those with long, thick hair.

20. Sleek Low Ponytail

Sleek low ponytail on brown hair.

Capturing the essence of minimalist chic, this sleek low ponytail is the epitome of understated elegance. The smooth, straight hair tied at the nape emphasizes a polished and refined look.

21. Twisted Crown Braid

Twisted crown braid on woman with wavy long brown hair, from back.

This hairstyle has playful yet sophisticated charm with its intertwined braids and cascading curls. The braids add a refined touch to the voluminous waves, creating a beautifully textured look that’s stylish and functional.

22. Low Twisted Chignon

Low twisted chignon bun, on woman with long brown hair, from back.

A classic chignon sits elegantly at the nape, offering a look of timeless sophistication. The hair is smoothly styled to create a polished and refined silhouette.

23. Rose Gold Waves

Long flowing rose gold waves, from back.

This hairstyle is a stunning display of rosy pink waves, with each curl catching the light to reveal a spectrum of soft pink hues. The rich color gradient adds a fantasy-like quality to the overall look, while the long, voluptuous curls bring a touch of glamour and whimsy.

24. Long Layers with Side-Swept Bangs

Long Layers with Side-Swept Bangs on smiling woman, from side.

This hairstyle features long layers with a blend of chocolate and caramel highlights, creating a rich and dimensional look. The smooth, flowing waves add a touch of glamour, highlighting the seamless transition of colors.

25. Double Dutch Braids

Double dutch braids on long brown hair, from back.

Two tightly woven Dutch braids create a symmetrical and structured look. The precision of the braids showcases the hair’s contrasting colors, adding depth and interest to the style.

26. Bubble Ponytail

Long dirty blonde bubble ponytail, from back.

This modern take on a ponytail, known as the bubble ponytail, offers a playful yet chic look. The sections are tied to create ‘bubbles’, adding an element of fun to the sleek style. It’s an inventive and stylish choice that works beautifully for both casual and more dressed-up occasions.

27. Ballerina Bun

Woman with long brown hair pulled up in ballerina bun, side view, teal background.

A sleek dark brown ballerina bun is perfect for a sophisticated and modern look. The hair is smoothly pulled back and twisted into a neat bun at the crown, providing a clean and elegant silhouette. This updo highlights the facial features and is a fashionable option for both day and night wear.

28. Double Braids

Smiling woman with long brown hair in double braids.

This hairstyle offers charming side braids that begin with loose, face-framing strands transitioning into more defined braids. The contrast between the soft waves on top and the intricate braids creates a playful yet elegant bohemian look.

29. Twisted Half-Updo

Twisted half updo, shot from behind.

This elegant half-updo features a crown of twists that add a touch of sophistication to the flowing curls. The rich, warm tones of the hair are highlighted by the style’s dimension and movement.

30. Sleek Face-Framing Blonde

Sleek, face-framing long blonde hairstyle on beautiful smiling woman.

Delicate layers around the face are cut to draw attention to her eyes and cheekbones, highlighting her features with a soft, natural grace. This style not only enhances the face’s shape but also adds a playful, dynamic edge to the long, smooth locks.

31. Boho Crown Braid

Beautiful smiling woman with long brown hair in boho crown braid.

This hairstyle features a beautifully woven crown braid that encircles the head, offering a romantic touch. It’s a perfect blend of elegance and ease. This style works wonders on second-day hair when you want a look that’s fun and princess-like.

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32. Messy Top Knot

Pretty smiling woman with long brown hair in messy top knot.

A relaxed bun, or top knot, is styled with a touch of intentional messiness, adding character and a modern twist. It’s the perfect mix of convenience and style, keeping hair out of the face while highlighting the wearer’s facial features.

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