31 Short Layered Haircuts Women Are Loving Right Now

Ready to switch up your look with a trendsetting, flattering hairstyle? Short layered haircuts offer ease and versatility, turning everyday hair into a statement without the fuss. We selected the following cuts for their perfect mix of style and practicality.

1. Pixie Bob with Balayage Highlights

Pixie Bob with Balayage Highlights Short Layered Haircut.

Chop it short with flair: a combo of pixie and bob creates a playful look. The subtle layering adds depth, while the length around the face offers versatility in styling. Wear it sleek or tousled, as this cut shapes to your mood.

2. Layered Textured Pixie

Layered Textured Pixie Short Layered Haircut.

Get that edgy texture with a layered pixie that brings a punch of personality. It’s all about the choppy layers here, giving life to fine hair. Style it with a pomade or wax to give you control and definition for a spiky look, or keep it soft for everyday chic.

3. Voluminous Layered Bob

Voluminous Layered Bob Short Layered Haircut.

Boost your hair’s body with a voluminous layered bob. Strategic layers are the secret here, creating lift at the roots and movement throughout. The added volume works wonders for limp, fine hair, offering a fuller look. Maintenance is minimal, with the shape holding well between cuts.

4. Layered Rounded Bob

Layered Rounded Bob Short Layered Haircut.

Curve appeal alert: the layered rounded bob hugs your face, softening your features. The layers are cut in a way to give a rounded silhouette. It’s a style that works with your natural hair texture: its layers can tame thick hair and add the illusion of volume to fine strands.

5. Tousled Layered Waves

Tousled Layered Waves Short Layered Haircut.

The cut is all about creating movement and an effortless “woke up like this” look. The layers in this cut create a natural texture and make it ideal for a quick style refresh with some dry shampoo on second or third-day hair. It’s forgiving on grow-out, too!

6. Asymmetrical Pixie

Asymmetrical Pixie Short Layered Haircut.

This pixie style is a standout that requires minimal styling for maximum impact. One side whispers softness with subtle length, while the other side screams bold with a tight crop. Plus, the asymmetry works great for drawing attention to your best features.

7. Layered Curls

Layered Curls Short Layered Haircut.

Curls just wanna have fun! (Stick with our 80s reference here!) This cut is a curly girl’s best friend, promoting bounce and making detangling a breeze. This short, curly cut is a wash-and-go style that celebrates your natural texture.

8. Stacked Angled Bob

Stacked Angled Bob Short Layered Haircut.

Get geometric with a stacked angled bob that’s sleek and on-trend. The sharp angles give a modern edge, while the stacked back adds volume where it counts. And with its angular precision, it frames and flatters your face beautifully.

9. Layered Razor Cut Pixie Bob

Layered Razor Cut Pixie Bob

This layered razor-cut pixie bob is edgy perfection. The razor technique gives a feathery texture while the layers invite movement. The layering allows for versatile styling, from sleek to tousled.

10. Tousled Platinum Pixie

Tousled Platinum Pixie Short Layered Haircut.

Light it up with a tousled platinum pixie. The choppy layers invite a play of light and shadow, while the tousled look is easy to manage, giving you extra minutes every morning. And let’s not forget the platinum hue that shines so bright!

11. Layered Retro Bob with Voluminous Curls

Layered Retro Bob with Voluminous Curls Short Layered Haircut.

Step back in time with a layered retro bob, where voluminous curls meet timeless elegance. The structured waves are just beautiful, while layers add a modern touch. It’s the epitome of old-school glamour with staying power, keeping you looking polished from day to night.

12. Layered Wavy Bob

Layered Wavy Bob Short Layered Haircut.

Consider a layered wavy bob that’s as breezy as it is beautiful. The effortless waves flow naturally, thanks to the strategic layers. The layers also work magic on texture, adding volume without the weight.

13. Short Wavy Layers

Short Wavy Layers Short Layered Haircut.

Perfect for those looking to enhance their natural waves while keeping things light and manageable, this short hairstyle has bouncy layers that bring out the best in your wave pattern. As a bonus, it’s a great way to add volume and movement to finer hair types.

14. Textured Layered Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Textured Layered Bob with Side-Swept Bangs Short Layered Haircut.

Bangs are great for accentuating eyes, while the layers add body and make styling a cinch. The side-swept bangs allow for flexible styling options that match your mood. The textured cut is ideal for those with fine hair seeking a fuller look.

15. Textured Pixie

Textured Pixie Short Layered Haircut.

This cut is a blend of short, airy layers that create a playful and refined look. The texture adds volume, and the best part? It’s quick to style, giving you more time to conquer your day.

16. Layered Blunt Bob

Layered Blunt Bob Short Layered Haircut.

Sleek, chic, and polished, the layered blunt bob is your go-to for a sharp, sophisticated look. The blunt cut makes your hair look thicker, and the layers keep it from feeling heavy. It’s a power cut for the modern woman.

17. Angled Bob

Bob with Long Layers Short Hairstyle.

Another take on the layered bob brings you a touch of softness with this angled cut’s subtle layering. This cut is all about clean lines that frame your face with precision. It’s the perfect blend of boldness and simplicity. With this cut, you’ll enjoy the ease of styling and the illusion of volume.

18. Short Feathered Layers

Short Feathered Layers Short Layered Haircut.

Get ready to rock a playful, textured look with short, feathered layers. Feathered layers are the secret to adding volume and movement to your hair. They’re great for a quick style refresh and grow out gracefully.

19. Layered Bob with Curtain Bangs

Layered Bob with Curtain Bangs Short Layered Haircut.

Frame your face with a layered bob complemented by trendy curtain bangs. The soft layering and face-framing bangs create a romantic, approachable look. You can also style the bangs to suit your face shape if you don’t like curtain bangs.

20. Layered Pixie Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Layered Pixie Bob with Side-Swept Bangs Short Layered Haircut.

This fusion cut offers the best of both a pixie and a bob. Layers add volume, while side-swept bangs frame the face. It’s a versatile style that works well for straight or wavy hair types.

21. Short Layered Shaggy Cut

Short Layered Shaggy Cut Short Layered Haircut.

This cut is all about effortless styling and giving fine hair a volume boost. The layers are easy to tousle up for a quick, edgy look. It’s a wash-and-go that keeps its shape, perfect for busy days.

22. Piecey Textured Pixie

Piecey Textured Pixie Short Layered Haircut.

With textured layers cut close to the head, this straight pixie is full of personality. The piecey texture works great for adding depth and dimension to your hair. It doesn’t require much maintenance, either.

23. Short Shaggy Layers

Short Shaggy Layers Haircut.

This shaggy cut is all about texture and movement, and the layers are perfect for creating volume and a bit of drama. The shaggy style is forgiving on grow-outs and easy to manage, too.

24. Wavy Blunt Bob

Wavy Blunt Bob Short Layered Haircut.

This bob is fantastic for texture play, allowing you to go smooth or wavy. The blunt cut adds a contemporary edge, while the waves soften the look for a feminine finish.

25. Layered Rounded Bob

Layered Rounded Bob Short Layered Haircut.

Opt for a chic, feminine look with a layered, rounded bob. The rounded layers enhance the shape of your face and give fine hair a voluminous lift. It’s a classic look that’s easy to style and maintain. Plus, it grows out beautifully, which is a huge plus!

26. Layered Wispy Bob

Layered Wispy Bob Short Layered Haircut.

Ideal for a soft look that frames the face, the wispy ends of this bob hairstyle add a carefree vibe. It’s simple to style, dries fast, and flatters without fail. The light layers give movement, making your hair look fuller.

27. Pixie with Undercut

Pixie with Undercut Short Layered Haircut.

This pixie is perfect for those who crave low upkeep with high impact. The contrast between the lengthy top and the buzzed sides packs a punch. It’s the go-to for texture and volume with an edge.

28. Copper Layered Bob

Copper Layered Bob Short Layered Haircut.

This short layered cut is all about the color! This bob marries color and cut in perfect harmony. The shape is timeless, and the layers enhance the natural flow of your locks. It’s a head-turner, for sure.

29. Tousled Pixie Cut

Tousled Pixie Cut Short Layered Haircut.

Wake up and shake up your style in seconds with this pixie cut. Its choppy layers can be ruffled for an easy-going vibe or sleeked back for sophistication. It’s perfect for women on the go and needs minimal styling for maximum effect.

30. Straight Pixie Cut

Straight Blonde Pixie Cut Short Layered Haircut.

Try a straight blonde pixie cut with a short back and sides that keep it crisp. The longer top layers offer a feminine touch. Enjoy quick drying times and fast styling for a look that’s always fresh.

31. Layered Pixie with Undercut

Layered Pixie with Undercut Short Layered Haircut.

Embrace your edge with a layered pixie that features a hidden undercut. The undercut gives a sleek contour, while the layers on top add a playful contrast. It’s sleek, chic, and a little rebellious!

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