32 Trendy Short Choppy Haircuts You’ll Want To Try

Short choppy haircuts may seem like the latest trend, but they’re so much more. They pack a punch, offering versatility and an edge that can transform your style.

The shorter length saves you time, too. You can be out the door with just a few tousles! Each of these short hairstyles has its own charm, so it should be easy to find one that resonates with your personal style. Your new favorite short hairstyle is just a cut away!

1. Choppy Highlighted Layers

Choppy Highlighted Layers Short Hairstyle.

You’ll love the way this choppy highlighted layers cut adds life and movement to your hair. The choppy highlights create a beautiful, sun-kissed look that brightens your face. The layers create a tousled, effortless look you can achieve by using a texturizing product.

2. Straight Choppy Blonde Bob

Straight Choppy Blonde Bob Short Hairstyle.

A straight, choppy bob like this works well on fine to medium hair textures. The blunt, textured ends make hair look thicker and fuller. Subtle blonde highlights brighten up the look. It’s a versatile cut that looks chic at any age.

3. Choppy Tousled Bob

Choppy Tousled Bob Short Hairstyle.

Plenty of choppy layers give this bob a cool, undone texture. A cut like this is ideal if you want a stylish look with lots of built-in texture and volume. Air dry and use your fingers to tousle, or blow dry with a round brush for a fuller shape.

4. Piecey Choppy Layers

Piecey Choppy Layers Short Hairstyle.

This edgy cut is all about separation and definition. Use a bit of pomade or wax to define the pieces and create a purposefully messy look. It works especially well on thick hair that needs to be thinned out and texturized.

5. Choppy Textured Silver Pixie

Choppy Textured Silver Pixie Short Hairstyle.

A choppy pixie is the ultimate wash-and-go haircut. If you’re ready to take the pixie plunge, a textured, choppy cut is a great choice because it looks good rumpled and tousled. The silver shade gives a sophisticated touch, perfect for embracing your natural gray with confidence.

6. Choppy Feathered Layers

Choppy Feathered Layers Short Hairstyle.

This cute, textured bob features lots of choppy layers that create a full, feathery look. The face-framing layers in front accentuate your features, while the loose waves add body and movement. This style is great if you want a choppy, tousled look.

7. Asymmetrical Choppy Pixie

Asymmetrical Choppy Pixie Short Hairstyle.

An asymmetrical pixie is an edgy, confident choice if you want to make a statement with your short hair. The side-swept bangs and longer layers on the right draw attention to your eyes. The choppy, piecey texture on top adds just the right amount of stylish messiness.

8. Choppy Highlighted Pixie Bob

Choppy Highlighted Pixie Bob Short Hairstyle.

This fun pixie bob combines choppy layers with subtle blonde highlights. The layered crown creates flattering height and volume on top, while the slightly longer nape keeps it soft around your neck and ears.

9. Choppy French Bob

Choppy French Bob Short Hairstyle.

The French bob, or “bob à la Parisienne,” is a chic jawline-grazing style. This modern take features choppy ends and a piecey texture for a perfectly undone look. Pair it with brow-skimming bangs for extra French girl coolness.

10. Choppy Piecey Bob

Choppy Piecey Bob Short Hairstyle.

This ultra-cool choppy bob cut has an edgy look thanks to its highly textured, piecey layers. The razored ends keep the style light and fresh. Subtle highlights add dimension and accentuate the shaggy layers beautifully.

12. Choppy Bronde Layers with Curtain Bangs

Choppy Bronde Layers with Curtain Bangs Short Hairstyle.

This chic, choppy bob features blonde highlights blended with brown tones for a trendy “bronde” look. The curtain bangs beautifully frame the face, while the tousled layers add fun texture and movement. This layered cut works well with many hair types.

12. Choppy Highlighted Pixie Bob

Choppy Highlighted Pixie Bob Short Hairstyle.

For a standout style, try a platinum blonde pixie bob with chunky, choppy layers. The closely cropped back and sides contrast with the longer, textured top. Face-framing pieces soften the look.

13. Short Choppy Bob with Bangs

Short Choppy Bob with Bangs Short Hairstyle.

This classic chin-length bob gets a modern update with piecey, choppy ends, and wispy bangs. This cut is versatile and easy to style, making it a fantastic option for anyone looking for a fresh, modern look. It flatters many face shapes, too.

14. Layered Choppy Bob with Side Part

Layered Choppy Bob with Side Part Short Hairstyle.

Here’s another take on the choppy bob, this time with even more tousled layers and a deep side part for an asymmetrical effect. If you want to add volume and interest to fine or medium hair, this layered cut and its choppy styling can help.

15. Choppy Copper Pixie Bob

Choppy Copper Pixie Bob Short Hairstyle.

This fiery copper pixie bob is sure to turn heads! The dramatically angled cut is longer in front, with a swept-back styling that showcases the choppy layers. The warm ginger hue is striking, but this cut looks fabulous in any shade.

16. Voluminous Choppy Bob

Voluminous Choppy Bob Short Hairstyle.

Want to amp up the volume and make a bold statement with your hair? A voluminous, choppy bob like this one is the way to go. The layered, piecey cut creates incredible fullness and movement. With chin-length face-framing pieces and shorter layers in the back, it has a tousled, undone feel that’s super stylish.

17. Piecey Choppy Pixie

Piecey Choppy Pixie Short Hairstyle.

Calling all extra short hair lovers – this piecey choppy pixie is for you! The heavily textured cut features short, wispy pieces artfully arranged for an edgy, fashionable aesthetic. Slightly longer bangs add a touch of softness around the face. This cut works well on straight, wavy, or even curly hair.

18. Angled Choppy Silver Bob

Angled Choppy Silver Bob Short Hairstyle.

This angled, choppy bob shows how gorgeous gray can be. The cut features slightly longer front pieces that angle towards the chin for a flattering face-framing effect. Piecey layers throughout create beautiful movement and make this look modern and fresh.

19. Choppy Wavy Bob

Choppy Wavy Bob Short Hairstyle.

Bobs aren’t just for straight hair – wavy-haired gals can get in on the choppy bob action, too, with a cut like this. The collar-length style features subtle layering that enhances your natural waves and creates piecey, textured ends. Gentle face-framing and a side part complete the casual, beachy look.

20. Choppy Platinum Blonde Pixie

Choppy Platinum Blonde Pixie Short Haircut.

An icy platinum blonde color makes this choppy pixie a striking look. The short cut features jagged, razor-textured pieces for an edgy, punk-inspired vibe. Asymmetrical side-swept bangs add to the bold cut.

21. Choppy Pixie Bob with Full Bangs

Choppy Pixie Bob with Full Bangs Short Hairstyle.

The focus of this versatile pixie bob is choppy layers that add texture and volume. The full bangs frame your face, highlighting your eyes and cheekbones. And you’ll love how easy it is to style this cut – use a round brush while blow-drying to add volume and shape. 😍

22. Choppy Layers with Bangs

Choppy Layers with Bangs Short Hairstyle.

Face-framing layers and flirty bangs soften this choppy bob, making it flattering on many face shapes. The subtle highlighting accentuates the texture and dimension of the cut. Layered bobs with bangs work well if you want to balance your facial features, slim a round face, or cover a more prominent forehead.

23. Choppy Waves with Side-Swept Bangs

Choppy Waves with Side-Swept Bangs Short Hairstyle.

Beachy waves and a deep side part give this cut a feminine, romantic feel. Long, side-swept bangs draw attention to your eyes. These choppy waves are perfect if you want a versatile style that can go from casual to glam. The cut is particuarly flattering on oval, heart, and diamond face shapes.

24. Rounded Choppy Layers

Rounded Choppy Layers Short Hairstyle.

This chin-length bob gets a fresh update with rounded, choppy layers. Bobs with rounded layers are ideal for women with fine hair looking for added body and movement. The layering creates the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.

25. Chin-Length Choppy Wavy Bob

Chin-Length Choppy Wavy Bob Short Hairstyle.

Tousled waves create an undone quality in this chin-length choppy bob. A center part and wavy layers frame your face. This choppy cut is terrific for emphasizing your features, especially if you have high cheekbones or a defined jawline.

26. Choppy Textured Pixie

Choppy Textured Pixie Short Hairstyle.

Ready for a bold, new look? A choppy textured pixie like this is perfect for making a statement. The piecey, tousled texture creates a relaxed vibe. And with the length kept short all around, it’s a breeze to style – just add some texturizing product, muss it up with your fingers, and go!

27. Choppy Pixie Bob

Choppy Pixie Bob Short Hairstyle.

If you like the ease of a pixie but want a little more length to play with, check out this choppy pixie bob. It has the same textured, piecey look as a pixie but with a bit more length, like a bob, especially in the front. The choppy layers also add nice movement and keep the look soft and feminine.

28. Short Choppy Waves with Curtain Bangs

Short Choppy Waves with Curtain Bangs Short Hairstyle.

Here’s a great example of how you can get a trendy curtain bangs look with short hair. The eyebrow-skimming bangs are parted in the middle and blend seamlessly into the wavy bob. Styling it with tousled, piecey waves enhances the laid-back, boho feel.

29. Choppy Bob with Piecey Bangs

Choppy Bob with Piecey Bangs Short Hairstyle.

This choppy bob with bangs incorporates two hot trends – a textured bob and a piecey, eyebrow-grazing fringe. Keeping the bangs a bit longer and choppier, rather than blunt, creates a softer, wearable look for many hair types. And the textured bob has tons of built-in movement and style thanks to the chunky, razored layers.

30. Choppy Spiky Pixie

Choppy Spiky Pixie Short Hairstyle.

Want to go short and bold? Try out a short, choppy pixie with a spiked texture on top. Keeping the sides and back closely cropped puts all the focus on the longer, chunky pieces on top of the head. Depending on your mood, you can play around with the spikiness – comb it down for a smoother look or muss it up for maximum impact.

31. Choppy Angled Layers

Choppy Angled Layers Short Hairstyle.

This trendy haircut features choppy, textured layers that are longer in the front and angled shorter towards the back. The layered, piecey look creates great movement and volume, especially for fine or thin hair. This cut grows out nicely, too.

32. Choppy Rounded Bob

Choppy Rounded Bob Short Hairstyle.

The choppy rounded bob is a softer take on the textured bob trend. With lots of airy layers cut into a rounded shape, it has a feminine appeal. The choppy ends create flattering texture and movement. This haircut is perfect if you’re growing out a shorter style and want something low-maintenance in the meantime.

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