These 44 Gorgeous Shoulder-Length Haircuts Are Pure Perfection

If you want a haircut that isn’t too short or too long, try a shoulder-lengthcut that is easy to manage and super flattering. No more struggling with endless styling routines. With just a few simple tweaks, you’ll be ready to conquer the day.

Each of these shoulder-length haircuts offers something unique, whether you want a fresh new look or just an update to your current style. So, which fabulous hairstyle will you choose?

1. Shoulder Length Lob with Swooping Side Part

Shoulder Length Lob with Swooping Side Part.

Styling your hair with a side part adds instant volume and movement, making your hair look fuller and more vibrant. It’s especially great if you want to frame your face and draw attention to your eyes. Styling products like volumizing mousse or texturizing spray can enhance the volume and piecey texture of this medium-length style.

2. Shoulder Length with Wispy Bangs

Shoulder Length Cut with Wispy Bangs.

If you’re thinking about updating your hairstyle, consider a shoulder-length cut with wispy bangs. This look is perfect for adding a playful touch without committing to a drastic change. This style is great if you want to try bangs but are worried about them being too heavy or overwhelming.

3. Curly Mid Length Cut

Curly Mid-Length Cut.

For women with natural curls, this curly cut can really showcase your texture. It’s ideal if you want to show off your natural curls without the weight dragging them down. This style also provides enough length to play around with different curly styles, whether you prefer a more polished look or something more laid-back.

4. Straight Face Framing Lob

Straight Face Framing Lob Shoulder-Length Haircut.

If you love sleek and sophisticated styles, the straight face-framing lob, also known as a long bob, is for you. This cut gently frames your face, highlighting your jawline and cheekbones, giving you a refined, elegant look. It’s perfect if you prefer a polished look that can easily transition from day to night. This lob’s straight, clean lines make it incredibly chic and timeless. Plus, it’s low maintenance, allowing you to achieve a polished look without spending hours styling.

5. Blonde Lob (Long Bob) with Side Part

Blonde Lob with Side Part Shoulder-Length Haircut.

The deep side part creates flattering asymmetry, allowing the longer front pieces to sweep across the forehead. It’s a super versatile cut you can wear sleek and smooth for work or tousled and textured for a more casual weekend look. Plus, the length and light layering work well for most face shapes.

6. Light Brown Waves

Light Brown Waves Shoulder-Length Haircut.

Sholder-length waves add a beautiful texture, giving your hair a natural, voluminous appearance. To achieve this casually tousled texture, you can air dry your hair using a wave-enhancing product or create loose waves with a large barrel curling iron. Run your fingers through the waves to break them up and create that perfectly imperfect, undone finish.

7. Shoulder-Length Coils

Shoulder Length Coils Haircut.

If you have natural coils, a shoulder-length cut can be a fantastic choice to show off your texture. This style keeps your coils defined and bouncy, giving your hair a lively look. It’s perfect for women who want to embrace their natural curl pattern without the extra weight of a longer cut.

8. Straight Shoulder-Length Hair with Bangs

Straight Shoulder-Length Hair with Bangs Haircut.

Truly a face-framing cut, this straight hairstyle highlights your features, giving you a refined appearance. The bangs add a youthful touch and help balance your facial proportions. It’s perfect if you prefer a clean, minimalist style that’s relatively easy to maintain.

9. Thick Blonde Waves

Thick Blonde Waves Shoulder-Length Haircut.

This shoulder-length cut is perfect for women with naturally thick hair who want to add some movement and texture to their hairstyle. The waves give your hair a full-bodied look, while the blonde color adds a bright, sun-kissed glow. It’s a fantastic way to add some drama to your look without compromising on manageability.

10. Face-Framing Highlights

Face-Framing Highlights Shoulder-Length Haircut.

Add dimension and brightness with beautiful highlights. This shoulder-length cut features strategically placed highlights that enhance your facial features and give your hair a multi-dimensional appearance. It’s perfect if you want to add some contrast and depth to your hair without a full-color change.

11. Shoulder-Length Waves

Shoulder-Length Waves Hairstyle.

Here’s a stunning medium-length cut with a versatile length that grazes the collarbones. The subtle layers throughout add body and a nice touch of volume. A center part allows the waves to frame the face, enhancing the natural contours. Strategically placed highlights add lovely dimension and depth.

12. Voluminous Shoulder-Length Curls

Voluminous Shoulder-Length Curls Haircut.

This voluminous curly cut is sure to inspire your next cut. The fullness at the roots and tumbling ringlets create an effortlessly glamorous style. To achieve defined, frizz-free curls like these, start with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, then apply a curl-enhancing cream or gel to damp hair. Diffuse dry or air dry, scrunching the curls to encourage their natural shape.

13. Platinum Blonde Lob

Platinum Blonde Lob Shoulder-Length Haircut.

Looking to brighten up a bit? This cut is a fantastic option. The platinum blonde shade gives your hair a striking look, while the lob (long bob) keeps it sophisticated and chic. This haircut works well with most hair textures, making it a versatile choice that’s still easy to style.

14. Silver Lob

Silver Lob Shoulder-Length Haircut.

Embrace your natural gray hair by opting for a bold silver hue and a “lob” or long bob length. The lovely wavy texture that adds plenty of volume and the cut features long layers that frame the face beautifully. The layers can be air-dried for a more tousled, beachy appearance or blown out smoothly for a sleeker finish.

15. Tousled Blonde Layers with Dark Roots

Tousled Blonde Layers with Dark Roots Shoulder-Length Haircut.

If you love a more relaxed, beachy vibe, this style is perfect. The tousled layers add a carefree, textured look full of movement and volume. The dark roots provide a natural contrast, making the blonde color pop and adding depth to your hair.

16. Shoulder-Length Black Waves

Shoulder-Length Black Waves Haircut.

Medium-length waves add volume and texture, giving your waves a stunning, natural look. It’s a great length for experimenting with different textures and styles, from sleek and straight to playful and tousled. Use a curling iron or wand for loose waves, then finish with a lightweight shine spray.

17. Piecey Blunt Lob

Piecey Blunt Lob Shoulder-Length Haircut.

The blunt ends of this lob (long bob) give a sharp, clean finish, while the piecey layers add noticeable texture. It’s great for straight or slightly wavy hair and can easily be dressed up or down. The piecey layers provide a playful feel, making it a casual, fun choice for anyone looking to update their look.

18. Voluminous Curls

Voluminous Curls Shoulder-Length Haircut.

High-volume curls are perfect for women with naturally curly hair who want to embrace their texture. This cut enhances the natural bounce and volume of your curls. It’s really the perfect length to wear these thick curls. This cut keeps your curls defined and full of life.

19. Textured Lob with Curtain Bangs

Textured Lob with Curtain Bangs Shoulder-Length Haircut.

The lob (a.k.a. long bob) length is versatile and easy to style, while the curtain bangs add a soft, trendy touch. They blend seamlessly with the rest of the hair, creating a soft, wispy, flattering look. The textured ends ensure your hair always looks full, no matter how you choose to style it.

20. Highlighted Waves

Highlighted Waves Shoulder-Length Haircut.

The highlights enhance the natural texture of your waves, giving your hair a multi-dimensional look. This style is perfect for adding brightness and contrast to your hair without a full-color change. The waves add a soft, feminine touch.

21. Shoulder-Length Feathered Layers

Shoulder-Length Feathered Layers Haircut.

Feathered layers give your hair a beautiful texture and help to frame your face, putting your features on display. It’s a style that works beautifully with natural waves, enhancing their shape and definition. Blow-dry with a round brush for volume, then use a texturizing spray to enhance the feathered layers.

22. Shoulder-Length Waves for Thick Hair

Shoulder-Length Waves for Thick Hair,

If you have thick hair, shoulder-length waves can be a great way to manage and style your hair. This cut helps to reduce bulk while still showcasing the natural volume and texture of your thick hair. The waves add a touch of movement, making your hair look bouncy and full of body.


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23. Wavy Lob for Fine Hair

Wavy Lob for Fine Hair Shoulder-Length Haircut.

This cut for fine hair gives the illusion of thicker hair by incorporating soft waves that add body and movement. Subtle long layers enhance your fine hair and create a fuller, more voluminous look. The lob length keeps it modern and versatile.

24. Blonde Waves with Middle Part

Blonde Waves with Middle Part Medium-Length Haircut.

This medium-length style is perfect for adding brightness and dimension to your, chic and modern lookntic touch, while the middle part provides a balanced and symmetrical look. The blonde color adds a sun-kissed glow, making your hair look very vibrant.

25. Straight Long Bob with Wispy Ends

Straight Long Bob with Wispy Ends Shoulder-Length Haircut.

A straight, long bob with wispy ends offers a sleek, sophisticated look with a touch of playfulness. The wispy ends add a soft, delicate finish, giving the cut a light and airy feel. The long bob length keeps it versatile, while the straight lines and wispy ends add a modern touch.

26. Shoulder-Length Waves with Money Piece Highlights

Shoulder-Length Waves with Money Piece Highlights.

Add some brightness around your face with money piece highlights. They create a stunning frame for your features, making your eyes pop and your smile even more radiant. It’s a great way to make a subtle yet impactful change without fully changing your hair color.

27. Highlights with Side Swept Bangs

Highlights with Side Swept Bangs Shoulder-Length Haircut.

Side-swept bangs can be a game-changer for shoulder-length hair. Paired with highlights, they frame your face in a way that accentuates your eyes and cheekbones, creating a youthful and flattering silhouette. Unlike blunt bangs, side-swept bangs are incredibly versatile. They blend seamlessly with the rest of your hair.

28. Tousled Layered Wavy Long Bob

Tousled Layered Wavy Long Bob Hairstyle.

Layers and waves come together in this chic tousled shoulder-length long bob. The layers add volume and lots of movement. Its a perfect style for women with naturally wavy or curly hair. This cut is excellent for showcasing your natural texture while keeping your hair at a manageable length.

29. Medium-Length Feathered Layers with Bangs

Medium-Length Feathered Layers with Bangs Shoulder-Length Haircut.

Feathered layers give your hair a soft, airy look that’s full of movement. Combined with bangs, this shoulder-length cut is modern and practical. It’s perfect for adding volume to fine hair and works well with a variety of face shapes.

30. Soft Textured Long Bob

Soft Textured Long Bob Shoulder-Length Haircut.

A soft, textured long bob is perfect for women who love a natural, laid-back style. This textured cut works wonders for adding dimension, especially if your hair tends to fall flat or lacks body. It’s like an instant lift for your locks! This cut won’t take long to style either, whether you prefer a straight look or some gentle waves.

31. Mid-Length Wispy Cut with Bangs

Mid-Length Wispy Straight Cut with Bangs Shoulder-Length Haircut.

Wispy bangs and a straight shoulder-length cut are a match made in heaven. This style is perfect for a sleek, modern look that frames your face perfectly. This cut is great for women with fine to medium hair, adding volume and definition without too much effort.

32. Medium-Length Copper Waves

Medium-Length Copper Waves Shoulder-Length Haircut.

Copper waves are stunning and eye-catching, adding warmth and richness to your shoulder-length look. The waves give your hair a voluminous, bouncy texture. The copper tones warm up your complexion and give you a radiant glow. Such a pretty shade!

33. Retro Waves Mid-Length Cut

Retro Waves Mid-Length Haircut.

Want to bring a touch of vintage glamour to your hairstyle? Try this retro look that is all about soft, elegant waves for a vintage-inspired look. It’s a nod to old Hollywood style, giving you a polished and chic appearance.

34. Face-Framing Long Bob

Face-Framing Long Bob Shoulder-Length Haircut.

This mid-length cut is designed to highlight your facial features with structure and definition. This cut highlights your cheekbones and jawline, providing a flattering look. It’s versatile enough to be styled in various ways too, from sleek and straight to wavy and tousled.

35. Shoulder-Length Layered Lob with Bangs

Shoulder-Length Layered Lob with Bangs Hairstyle.

A layered lob (long bob) with bangs is a fantastic choice for adding volume and texture to your hair. If you have thin hair, you’ll appreciate how layers create movement and dimension. It’s great for adding texture and can be customized to suit your personal hair needs.

36. Soft Loose Waves With Bangs

Soft Waves With Bangs Shoulder-Length Haircut.

The waves add volume and texture, while the bangs frame your face and add a youthful touch. The textured waves look great whether your hair is air-dried or styled with a curling wand. It grows out beautifully, and suits a variety of face shapes and hair types, too.

37. Blunt Wavy Lob

Blunt Wavy Lob Shoulder-Length Haircut.

A blunt wavy lob is a modern, confident hairstyle. The blunt cut adds structure, while the waves soften the look. Styling a blunt wavy lob is a breeze. A bit of styling spray and a curling wand can give you those effortless waves in no time.

38. Medium-Length Auburn Lob

Medium-Length Auburn Lob Haircut.

Ready to transform your look with this stunning auburn style? The deep, vibrant auburn shade is this cut is perfect for those who want to make a statement with your hair while keeping it stylish. And you can easily switch from a polished, straight look to soft, tousled waves with minimal effort.

39. Face-Framing Platinum Blonde Medium-Length Cut

Face-Framing Platinum Blonde Medium-Length Haircut.

The platinum blonde color of this shoulder-length hairstyle is a head-turner, offering a fresh and vibrant look that brightens up your entire appearance. The medium length is incredibly versatile. It’s long enough to style in various ways but short enough to maintain easily.

40. Shoulder-Length Blunt Cut With Curtain Bangs

Shoulder-Length Blunt Cut With Curtain Bangs.

The combination of blunt ends and curtain bangs adds lovely texture movement to your hair. The bangs create a soft, face-framing effect, while the blunt cut ensures your hair looks thick and full. This style works beautifully with both straight and wavy textures.

41. Copper Lob With Side Swept Bangs

Copper Lob With Side Swept Bangs Shoulder-Length Haircut.

A copper lob with side-swept bangs combines rich color with a flattering cut. The copper tones add warmth and vibrancy, while the side-swept bangs create a soft, elegant frame for your face. This style is perfect for women who want a sophisticated and stylish look that stands out.

42. Tousled Wavy Long Bob

Tousled Wavy Long Bob Shoulder-Length Haircut.

Let’s talk about the tousled wavy long bob, or “lob.” This cut hits just above the shoulders, offering the perfect balance between length and manageability. This cut is ideal if you’re looking to keep some length but still want the freedom to style your hair in different ways. It’s long enough for updos and ponytails, yet short enough to be low-maintenance.

43. Textured Lob With Loose Waves

Textured Lob With Loose Waves Shoulder-Length Haircut.

A textured lob with loose waves is the epitome of modern chic. The loose waves add movement and depth, while the textured cut provides structure and style. This look is perfect for women who want a trendy and fashion-forward look.

44. Soft Wavy Long Bob

Soft Wavy Long Bob Shoulder-Length Haircut.

The long bob, or “lob,” is renowned for its perfect length, hitting just above the shoulders. What sets this style apart is the soft waves that add a gentle, flowing texture to your hair. This style is especially flattering if you have naturally wavy hair, as it enhances your natural texture without much effort.

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