40 Trendsetting Medium-Length Layered Haircuts for 2024

From soft, subtle layers that frame the face to bold, dramatic cuts that make a statement, there are medium-length layered haircuts for every personality and hair type.

Whether you’re aiming for a low-maintenance daily look or something special for the upcoming season, these medium-length layered haircuts offer endless possibilities:

1. Shoulder-Length Layers with Piecey Bangs

Brunette medium length layers with piecey bangs.

This playful medium-length cut is all about movement and texture, featuring choppy layers that cascade around the face to create a lively, voluminous effect. The soft, eye-grazing fringe adds a touch of mystery and frames the face beautifully.

2. Sleek and Straight Medium-Length Layers

Straight medium length layered haircut.

This chic hairstyle is a blunt bob with a modern look. The expertly blended highlights and soft, rounded layers enhance the sleek cut, providing depth and an illusion of fuller hair.

3. Wispy Layers with Bangs

Wispy layers with bangs medium-length haircut.

Here’s a hairstyle that screams effortless charm with its tousled, beachy waves and a casual, wind-swept look. The long layers are perfect for creating natural volume, and the subtle bangs playfully cover the forehead.

4. Pastel Pink Layers

Pink layers on medium length hair, side view.

Choose a whimsical aesthetic with this medium-length cut dyed in a soft pastel pink hue. The gentle and voluminous waves give off a dreamy and romantic vibe. This hairstyle is a statement piece in itself, great for those who love to express their personality and flair through their hair.

5. Textured Shaggy Bob with Layers

Shag bob with layers medium-length haircut.

This medium-length bob is all about texture and contrast, with its dark roots transitioning into a bright, sun-kissed blonde. The messy, undone layered waves add a rockstar edge to the look, perfect for the bold at heart.

6. Honey Brown Medium-Length Layers

Golden brown layers medium-length haircut.

With a cascade of warm, honey-toned layers, this hairstyle adds volume and dimension to fine hair. The soft, layered waves are styled to perfection, giving a bounce that brings the cut to life.

7. Layered Highlights

Subtle layered waves with copper balayage highlights medium-length haircut.

This layered haircut is enhanced by caramel highlights that create an exquisite blend of colors, mimicking the natural variations in tone that you might see from the summer sun. The layers are cut to encourage the hair to fall naturally into a rounded shape, offering volume and movement throughout.

8. Straight Blonde Layers

Straight blonde layers medium-length haircut.

Long, sleek layers are the hallmark of this medium-length haircut, with face-framing strands that soften and complement the facial features. The light blonde highlights add a radiant, sun-kissed finish, seamlessly transitioning from darker roots to lighter ends.

9. Retro Layered Medium-Length Waves

Retro layered medium-length waves on beautiful black woman.

This medium-length style showcases classic layered waves that offer volume and texture in spades. The hair is cut to accentuate each wave, allowing them to sit beautifully without weighing hair down.

10. Voluminous Layered Lob

Medium-length layered lob haircut.

This textured lob with a side part falls gracefully above the shoulders. Soft waves throughout add volume to the classic bob silhouette, and balayage highlights bring a sun-kissed dimension to this layered cut.

11. Caramel Highlighted Layers on Shoulder-Length Hair

Layered caramel highlights on shoulder-length hair.

Consider this gorgeous display of layered waves that cascade down, creating a full-bodied look with plenty of movement. The warm caramel balayage on a rich brown base adds dimension, mimicking the natural highlights from the sun. The subtle graduation from the shorter layers on the top to the longer strands at the base creates depth and volume.

12. Long Espresso Flowing Layers

Straight layered dark brown hair medium-length haircut.

Straight, long, flowing layers add volume and movement to this shoulder-length style. The side-swept bangs create a soft, approachable look, and the rich, dark tones at the roots transition seamlessly into warm highlights, giving the hair a lustrous, healthy glow.

13. Tousled Layered Waves with Fringe

Tousled layered waves with bangs medium-length haircut.

This playful tousled bob is paired with full, wispy bangs that frame the face beautifully. The layered cut introduces a voluminous look, with piecey strands casually flicking out for an effortlessly chic vibe.

14. Inverted Layered Blonde Lob

Invert layered blonde lob medium-length haircut.

This chic inverted bob is all about precision and style. The sleek haircut is layered subtly to create a modern and timeless shape. The platinum blonde shade with darker roots is edgy yet sleek and classy.

15. Layered Bob with Platinum Highlights

Platinum layered highlights medium-length haircut.

This edgy hairstyle showcases a sharply angled bob with expertly blended high-contrast platinum highlights for a striking, dimensional look. The precision cutting technique creates a sleek silhouette that tapers shorter towards the back.

16. Layered Long Bob

Layered long bob medium-length haircut.

Effortlessly chic, this medium-length hairstyle features layers that give a tousled, just-out-of-bed look while still looking polished and put together. The chocolate brown base with light brown highlights adds depth, making it a warm and inviting style.

17. Choppy Bob with Face-Framing Layers

Choppy bob with face-framing layers medium-length layered haircuts.

This modern take on the classic bob haircut comes with a full fringe and layers that provide movement and texture. The choppy ends and varied lengths create a playful, edgy look that’s totally on-trend.

18. Fiery Copper Red Layered Waves

Fiery red copper wavy layers medium-length haircut.

This mid-length hairstyle is a fiery statement, featuring vibrant copper red piecey, layered waves that flow beautifully with a touch of wildness. The bright copper color is rich and eye-catching, making it perfect for those who want to stand out in a crowd.

19. Mid-Length Layered Shag

Mid-length layered shag haircut.

This medium-length shag is the epitome of casual elegance, with its relaxed, tousled layers that create a sense of effortless style. The subtle bangs are feathered and blend seamlessly into the rest of the hair, framing the face.

20. Voluminous Layered Collarbone-Length Waves

Voluminous layered collarbone-length waves medium-length haircut.

This sun-kissed, medium-length hairstyle features piecey, layered beach waves that offer a carefree look. The light brown and subtle blonde highlights mimic the natural lightening effects of the sun, and the layering creates volume.

21. Light Blonde Voluminous Layers

Platinum blonde voluminous layers medium-length haircut.

This hairstyle is a sunny delight with its bright blonde hues and dynamic layers that add volume and movement. The rounded cut enhances the hair’s natural bounce, making it look lively and full of life.

22. Textured Layers with Side Part

Textured layers with side part medium-length haircut.

Opt for a medium-length layered cut that achieves a voluminous effect, with each textured wave creating shadow and light play. This hairstyle is a stunning choice for anyone looking to make a dramatic yet effortlessly chic statement.

23. Feathered Layered Highlights

Feathered layered highlights on shoulder-length hair.

This layered medium-length cut showcases medium blonde highlights that add depth and movement to the hair. The layers are expertly cut to create a feathered look, making the strands appear full of volume.

24. Blonde Wavy Lob with Curtain Bangs

Voluminous layered wavy blonde lob with face-framing long curtain bangs.

Here’s a style that brings luxury to life with voluminous loose waves that cascade effortlessly, creating a look of glamour.

25. Feathered Layers with Highlighted Tips

Feathered layers with highlighted tips medium-length hairstyle.

Seamless layers fall gracefully, giving this shoulder-length haircut a sense of movement and finesse. The highlighted dark brown hair’s gentle curves and bouncy fullness frame the face elegantly.

26. Tousled Blonde Shoulder-Length Layers

Tousled blonde shoulder-length layers.

Bright and beautiful, this hairstyle shines with sunlit blonde waves that frame the face with a soft, romantic flair. The layers are cut to maximize the hair’s natural texture, creating a breezy, beachy vibe. This look is tailor-made for those who want to capture the golden warmth of the sun in their locks.

27. Straight Medium-Length Cut with Layers

Straight black shoulder-length layers.

This hairstyle is the epitome of sleek sophistication. A classic long bob cut falls below the shoulders and beautifully frames the face. The rich, uniform black color adds depth and an element of mystery, while the straight texture gives a polished finish.

28. Mid-Length Face-Framing Layers

Mid-length face-framing layers hairstyle.

This shoulder-length style radiates with warmth, thanks to the soft honey tones, blending warm blondes and light browns. The layers are cut to create a gentle flow that adds body without sacrificing the smooth, sleek look.

29. Platinum Blonde Waves with Long Layers

Long layers on platinum hair, from back.

Consider this hairstyle if you want the glamorous look of platinum blonde hair. The bold color makes a statement, while the soft layered waves add femininity and softness. The length is just right to showcase the luxurious volume and texture.

30. Face-Framing Ginger Bob with Layers

Face-framing ginger layers with bob.

This gorgeous layered copper bob is a stunning choice for those who desire a pop of color with a sophisticated cut. The chin-length style is timeless and bold, with a color that’s vibrant yet elegant. The straight texture with a slight under-curl at the ends creates a polished look.

31. Shoulder-Length Layers with Balayage Highlights

Long shoulder-length layers with copper balayage highlights.

If you are looking for a beautiful layered cut for chestnut hair, this style is masterfully cut in long layers to add volume and movement. The rich brown tones are subtly enhanced with lighter balayage, creating a gentle effect that catches the light.

32. Golden Blonde Layered Curls

Loose permed layered face-framing curls.

These golden blonde curls are a true statement of volume. The hair is cut in layers to maximize natural curl and dimension, creating a bouncy and playful look.

33. Sleek and Chic Layered Shoulder-Length Lob

Tousled shoulder-length layers.

This sleek and chic lob (long bob) sits just around the shoulders and is characterized by its smooth, straight texture and deep, lustrous color. The razor-cut layers are precise, giving off a modern and polished look.

34. Honey and Ash Blonde Layered Lob

Honey and ash blonde layered lob hairstyle.

Soft, layered waves in beautiful blonde hue are embellished with layers cut to create a natural bounce and flow, giving the hair a lightweight and graceful feel. Perfect for the boardroom or a casual luncheon.

35. Feathered Auburn Layers Medium-Length Haircut

Feathered auburn layers medium-length haircut.

This youthful hairstyle is a vision of smooth auburn waves. They gently flow down and frame the face in a soft, rounded, layered cut. The warm tones of auburn bring out a sun-kissed vibrancy, perfect for those looking to highlight their features with a rich yet understated color.

36. Tousled Layers with Curtain Bangs

Tousled layers with curtain bangs medium-length haircut.

A cascade of brunette waves gives off an effortless vibe in this layered shoulder-length cut. The hair is cut in long layers, adding texture and movement. The rich brown color is highlighted with subtle caramel tones. Such a versatile hairstyle!

37. Curled Shoulder Length Long Layers

Curled shoulder length layers.

These luscious golden curls with long layers are perfectly styled thanks to extra-large heated rollers. They create a voluminous look that’s timeless. The blonde hues range from deep gold to lighter accents, offering dimension and depth.

38. Choppy Highlighted Layers

Choppy highlighted layers.

Piecey layers create a tousled look emphasized by the beautiful sandy blonde highlights. The light and dark tones add a dynamic edge to the style, perfect for creating a sense of motion and vitality.

39. Layered Brown Curls

Layered deep brown curls medium-length hairstyle.

This style is all about embracing the natural texture. These wild, layered espresso dark brown curls are bouncy and full of life, creating a bold statement with their volume and depth. The dark brown color enhances the curls’ richness, making it a head-turning choice.

40. Wavy Highlighted Medium-Length Layers

Wavy highlighted layers medium-length hair.

A classic look that never goes out of style, these sun-kissed layered beach waves offer a laid-back yet chic appearance. The blend of brown and blonde highlights gives off a warm, radiant vibe, as if you’ve just returned from a sun-drenched vacation.

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