30 Inspiring Long Hairstyles For Men To Transform Your Look

From the laid-back charm of beachy waves to the sophisticated appeal of embracing your natural curls, these long hairstyles for men create the opportunity for men to express their individuality and showcase their unique style.

Each cut carries its own style, making long locks not just a trend but a personal trademark that speaks to the wearer’s way of life and approach to fashion.

1. Layered Waves

Layered waves long hairstyle on smiling man.

Embrace the effortlessly cool vibes with this layered hairstyle, where each strand is artfully tousled to create a look that’s both casual and polished. It’s a versatile choice that keeps you stylish without looking like you’ve tried too hard.

2. Effortless Top Knot

Man bun top knot hairstyle on smiling man with beard.

This laid-back top knot is the ultimate easygoing style for men with longer locks. It keeps hair out of your face while showcasing a carefree attitude, making it a functional yet trendy choice for both work and play.

3. Natural Afro

Long natural afro on handsome black man wearing yellow shirt.

Embrace the power of natural curls with this bold afro hairstyle. It’s a full-bodied expression of texture and volume. It’s a low-maintenance, protective style that keeps your natural hair healthy.

4. Curly Shag Revival

Curly shag mens long haircut on young man.

The curly shag is making a comeback, giving off a retro yet timeless charm. It’s defined by its layered cut, creating a playful and dynamic look that works with your hair’s natural bounce.

5. Retro 80s Rocker

Retro 80s rocker mens long hairstyle.

Channel your inner 80s rockstar with this effortlessly cool, tousled hairstyle. With its textured waves and laid-back vibe, it’s the epitome of vintage rock ‘n’ roll flair.

6. Modern Mohawk

Modern mohawk mens long hairstyle.

This hairstyle is a bold twist on the classic mohawk, featuring a dramatic contrast with a high undercut. The medium-length top is styled for maximum impact, giving you a standout look that’s both edgy and trendsetting.

7. Beach Waves with Highlights

Beachy waves with highlights on smiling young man with beard.

Long, sun-kissed waves give off an eternal summer vibe that’s both laid-back and attractive. This hairstyle is all about natural texture and ease, ideal for those who prefer a low-maintenance routine.

8. Half Up Half Down

Half up half down hairstyle on smiling handsome man.

The top section of hair is pulled back into a bun, leaving the rest to flow freely. It’s a trendy and functional style that offers the best of both worlds – it keeps the hair off the face while showcasing the length and volume.

9. Polished Low Ponytail with Beard

Polish low ponytail with beard on attractive man, side view.

This style is a suave take on the classic ponytail, offering a sleek and controlled look, and is offset with a longer beard. It’s a fantastic choice for a man who wants to maintain a professional yet stylish image.

10. Swept Back Layers

Side view of swept back layers long hairstyle on smiling man.

Here’s a hairstyle that celebrates the richness of long, layered hair. With its natural waves and subtle highlights, it adds depth and character to your look. This hairstyle is all about movement and versatility.

11. 90s Grunge

90s grunge hairstyle on young man.

Embrace the wild and free look of the 90s with these tousled, textured waves. This hairstyle is the epitome of the carefree spirit, ideal for the adventurous soul. Perfect for someone who embodies a spontaneous lifestyle and prefers a “woke up like this” look.

12. Golden Beachy Locks

Golden beachy waves on handsome young man with long blonde hair and beard.

These golden, sun-drenched locks are all about the beach lifestyle that embodies the spirit of the ocean. The long, wavy texture gives a sense of freedom and ease, making it the perfect style for those who carry the surf with them.

13. Spiked Mane

Spiked mane long hairstyle on young man.

Express your bold and adventurous personality with this long men’s hairstyle. The dynamic spikes create an edgy silhouette that’s sure to turn heads. It’s a playful yet fierce look, ideal for the modern maverick who loves to stand out from the crowd.

14. Feathered Waves

Feathered layers hairstyle on young man.

Here’s a feathered hairstyle that’s smooth, refined, and full of sophistication. The silken layers fall perfectly, creating a fluid look that’s both elegant and masculine.

15. Long Layers

Long layers hairstyle on young man.

This hairstyle is the epitome of layered elegance, boasting a seamless blend of lengths that create a look full of depth and movement. The way the layers fall effortlessly frames the face and gives a timeless appeal.

16. Asymmetrical Cut

Assymetrical cut long hairstyle on attractive man with beard.

The sleek, asymmetrical cut is a smart, practical choice for long-haired gents on the move. Shaving one side of hair keeps it out of the face while showing off the length and texture of the other side.

17. Surfer Style

Long surfer style haircut on attractive man.

These luxurious beach waves showcase a rich blend of color and texture. Whether you’re heading to the boardroom or out to surf, these waves are your statement of natural, effortless style.

18. Long Pompadour

Long pompadour hairstyle on smiling man.

This style is the epitome of classic meets modern, with hair slicked back to reveal a clean, sophisticated look. This sleek style is a statement of power and poise.

19. Shoulder-Length Layers with Center Part

Shoulder length layers with center part on smiling man.

This long hairstyle offers a carefree vibe with its relaxed waves and soft layers. It’s an effortless look for the laid-back dude who enjoys a natural style.

20. Side Swept Layers

Side swept blonde layers long hairstyle on smiling man.

Embodying the essence of sun, surf, and sand, these sunlit strands capture the adventurous spirit of the beach. This men’s haircut is for the man who is ready for a bold, stand-out look.

21. Long Layers with Center Part

Long layers with center part on young man.

This is a sophisticated take on the long hair trend, featuring a subtle highlight effect that adds dimension and a sun-kissed finish. It’s perfect for those who want to add a touch of personality to their look without going over the top.

22. Cornrow Braids

Cornrow braids on smiling young man.

This style combines the intricacy of braids with the ease of long hair. It’s a look that’s both stylish and practical, keeping hair neat. This braided style is perfect for a man who values a sharp appearance.

23. Curly Ringlets

Curly ringlet long brown hairstyle on young man with beard.

Embrace the full potential of your curls with this curly mane. The voluminous curls are a celebration of natural texture, offering a look that’s both full-bodied and enticing.

24. Straight with Side Part

Straight long mens hair with side part.

Sun-kissed and carefree, this straight long hairstyle is all about the natural gradient of golden hues playing through the layers. It’s a head-turning look that embodies the free spirit of summer all year round.

25. Viking Braid Vibes

Man with long hair and Viking type braids.

This rugged yet refined hairstyle is a nod to historic Viking braids, exuding a sense of adventure and strength. The braided sides offer a practical solution for managing long hair while the loose waves on top add a modern twist.

26. The Fabio

Fabio style long mens hair.

Embrace the wild side with this cascade of waves, where each curl seems to have a life of its own. The deep waves of this Fabio-style cut give the hair a sense of movement and wildness.

27. Refined Dreadlocks

Shoulder-length dreadlocks on smiling young black man.

Showcasing a classic yet edgy style, these refined dreadlocks are a symbol of expression and individuality. They offer a low-maintenance yet high-impact look that works perfectly for someone with a busy lifestyle.

28. Textured Waves with Side Part

Textured long blond waves with side part on young man.

These textured beachy waves are the epitome of a laid-back surfer vibe. This effortless style is perfect for a man who loves a natural look with minimal fuss.

29. Face-Framing Layers

Face-framing layers of long hair on attractive man with blue eyes.

The slicked-back flow is the ultimate fusion of control and freedom. This style frames the face, making it perfect for both professional settings and casual outings.

30. Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs long haircut on young man.

This hairstyle brings a fashion-forward edge with its sharp bangs and contrasting waves. It’s a bold statement for the style-conscious individual who dares to stand out.

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