33 Beautiful Platinum Blonde Hair Color Ideas That Will Keep You on Trend This Year

Platinum blonde. The brightest blonde and the hair color that commands attention wherever you go. We chose these platinum blonde hair color ideas to inspire you to take your blonde hair game to the next level.

Whether you want an all-over icy hue or prefer to add some depth with strategically placed highlights, these platinum blonde looks will help you discover the perfect shade to make your unique style shine.

1. White Platinum Blonde with Dark Roots Wavy Bob

White Platinum Blonde with Dark Roots Hair Color.

Stark white platinum blonde contrasted with dark roots creates an intentional grow-out look. This wavy bob hairstyle lets you stretch out salon visits and embraces natural growth. It’s a stylish rebellion against the usual full color, creating a chic look.

2. Ash Blonde Silver Platinum Balayage Textured Lob

Ash Blonde Silver Platinum Balayage Textured Lob.

The textured lob (long bob) comes to life with ash blonde and silver platinum tones, giving a multi-dimensional look. You get the elegance of a cooler palette with the easy upkeep of balayage highlights. It’s a win-win for your busy schedule, blending roots seamlessly as they grow.

3. Platinum Bob with Dark Roots

Platinum Bob with Dark Roots.

A platinum bob with a dark base gives depth, and long layers create an illusion of thicker hair. Create tousled texture and definition with a texturizing spray for a perfectly undone look.

4. Black Hair with Platinum Highlights

Black Hair with Platinum Highlights.

Bold platinum highlights through black hair create a striking statement. This style’s got an edge that’s ready for the spotlight, but it’s low on upkeep.

5. Chin-Length Platinum Textured Bob

Chin-Length Platinum Textured Bob.

A chin-length bob in pure platinum offers a fresh, modern look. The texture adds movement to fine hair. Textured layers mean volume and movement, and the platinum hue shines in any light. It’s the perfect mashup for staying cool, casual, and absolutely captivating.

6. Cropped Platinum Pixie

Cropped Platinum Pixie Hairstyle.

Embrace the boldness with this platinum pixie cut; it’s all about confidence and simplicity. Quick styling in the morning frees up your day, and the platinum hue keeps your look sharp and striking.

A cropped pixie in cool platinum is the ultimate low-maintenance, high-style cut. It’s a cool-girl staple that screams confidence. An excellent way to show off facial features and make a statement with minimal effort.

7. Voluminous Silvery Platinum Wavy Lob

Voluminous Silvery Platinum Wavy Lob.

These waves in silvery platinum add a lush, dimensional effect that catches the light and eyes alike. This style offers a glamorous look with each curl.

8. Cool Platinum with Ash Highlights Mid-Length Cut

Cool Platinum with Ash Highlights Hair Color.

Flowing locks get an edge with ash highlights over cool platinum. They’re a stylish look that adds dimension and depth. A top pick for trendsetters, this combo turns heads.

9. Platinum Bob with Dark Lowlights

Platinum Bob with Dark Lowlights.

A platinum bob spiced up with dark lowlights brings a playful dance of light and shadow. It’s a visual treat, giving your hair depth and intrigue. Bonus: the dark strands play hide and seek with regrowth.

10. Ombre Platinum Long Straight Cut

Ombre Platinum Long Straight Cut.

Ombre transitions from natural roots to platinum ends give this straight cut a refreshing dip into dual tones. It’s ideal for growing out color with ease. It’s minimal fuss for maximum effect. Just beautiful!

11. Long Platinum Waves

Long Platinum Waves Hair Color.

These cascading waves offer a beachy yet polished look, shining with a platinum glow. Just keep in mind that maintaining such long locks and bright, light shade requires frequent touch-ups and care to prevent damage and brassiness.

12. Boho Platinum Double Braids

Boho Platinum Double Braids

Detailed and whimsical, these double braids combine bohemian charm with the lightness of golden platinum. The bright blonde shade adds a striking contrast to the soft, romantic styling. So feminine and pretty.

13. Platinum Updo

Platinum Updo.

A sophisticated updo with soft platinum tones is ideal for elegant evenings. It’s a hairstyle that pairs well with statement jewelry and adds a classy touch to your look. This one is giving us Marilyn vibes!

14. Long Boho Platinum Waves

Long Boho Platinum Waves with Dark Roots.

These waves strike a balance between effortless and styled, with a free-spirited boho vibe. The light platinum color accentuates the texture and puts thick tresses on display.

15. Platinum Balayage on Dark Hair

Platinum Balayage on Dark Hair.

Balayage highlights blend platinum streaks into dark hair for a striking contrast. Ideal for adding movement and interest to straight or wavy textures. And…the grown-out root effect allows for more time between touch-ups.

16. Voluminous Curly Platinum Lob

Voluminous Curly Platinum Lob.

Dial up the drama with this voluminous curly lob in stunning buttery platinum. Its curls catch the light and add bounce and life to your hair. This cut is great for thick hair, providing both shape and manageability.

TIP: Keep your curls defined and frizz-free with regular moisturizing treatments.

17. Brown Hair with Chunky Platinum Highlights

Brown Hair with Chunky Platinum Highlights.

Go bold with chunky platinum highlights through rich brown hair. This look brings a righting boost to your natural shade, offering a low-maintenance way to sparkle without going fully platinum. It’s all about striking contrasts that make your style pop.

18. Platinum Pixie

Platinum Pixie

If you’re looking for a short platinum cut, try this platinum pixie that’s all sass and no fuss. This short style is a time-saver that keeps you cool, with a platinum shade that keeps it sleek. Perfect for those who want to make a statement while skipping the morning hair routine.

19. White Platinum Balayage Waves

White Platinum Balayage Waves.

Platinum balayage on these waves is like sunlight dancing on the ocean—effortlessly stunning. The gradual transition from dark roots to light tips reduces the need for frequent touch-ups. This cut and color works well on medium to long hair, enhancing the natural flow and texture of the waves.

20. Short Asymmetrical Platinum Cut

Short Asymmetrical Platinum Cut.

Turn heads with an asymmetrical platinum cut that’s sharp and edgy. The uneven length highlights your facial features beautifully. (Works best on straight or slightly wavy hair.)

21. Silver Platinum Waves

Silver Platinum Waves.

These silver platinum waves are a cascading waterfall of cool tones. Perfect for any hair texture, these waves enhance volume and give a luxurious finish. Keep your silver platinum tones vibrant with specialized color-safe products.

22. Spiky Platinum Pixie

Spiky Platinum Pixie.

This spiky platinum pixie is all about the edgy look. It’s quick to style and even quicker to make an impression. Keep it sharp, chic, and oh-so-bright with minimal effort.

23. Long Platinum Face-Framing Waves

Long Platinum Face-Framing Waves.

Long, luscious waves in platinum blend seamlessly to highlight your features. This style works wonders in providing movement and depth, making it suitable for different face shapes. Be sure to use a heat protectant when styling to maintain healthy, glossy locks.

24. Silvery Platinum Layered Long Bob

Silvery Platinum Layered Long Bob Hairstyle.

Layers add movement and depth, while the silvery platinum color brings a futuristic vibe. Ideal for fine to medium hair, the layers help boost volume and texture. Maintain the color and shine with toning shampoos and regular conditioning treatments.

25. Long Platinum Pixie with Shaved Side

Long Platinum Pixie with Shaved Side.

A long pixie with a shaved side combines punk rock with platinum class. This pixie style offers an excellent balance between boldness and simplicity. The shaved side enhances the edgy appeal, while the longer top allows for versatility in styling – sleek it back or tousle for texture.

26. Platinum Ash Blonde Lob

Platinum Ash Blonde Lob Hairstyle.

Shoulder-length with subtle layering, this lob (long bob) shines in a cool platinum ash. Use a purple shampoo once a week to neutralize brassy tones and keep the ash blonde color cool and vibrant. Regular deep conditioning treatments are crucial to nourish and protect your hair from the damage often caused by lightening.

27. Platinum Waves with Shadow Roots

Platinum Waves with Shadow Roots.

Platinum with shadow roots provides an on-trend way to embrace lighter blonde shades while maintaining a lower-maintenance grow out at the roots. The beachy texture gives the hair movement and keeps the effect soft and casual rather than harsh.

28. Shaggy Platinum Layers

Shaggy Platinum Layers Hairstyle.

Messy chic meets platinum in this layered shag cut that’s full of movement. It’s an effortless way to add volume to fine hair. The bright hue and textured layers make for an eye-catching combination we love.

29. Straight Platinum Lob

Straight Platinum Lob.

Sleek and even, this platinum lob, otherwise known as a long bob, presents a clean, sharp silhouette. Ideal for showcasing healthy hair with a mirror-like shine. Its simplicity allows for easy styling, which is excellent for a quick, polished look every day.

30. Platinum Half-Up Half-Down Waves

Platinum Half-Up Half-Down Waves.

Soft waves pulled back into a half-up style give a romantic feel to this platinum look. It’s functional, keeping hair away from the face, yet still showcases the color’s full impact. Perfect for showing off highlights and dimensions, it’s practical for work and pretty for play.

31. Textured Ash Blonde Platinum Lob with Side Part

Textured Ash Blonde Platinum Lob with Side Part.

Tousled waves add depth to the ash platinum lob, anchored by a deep side part. This cut’s texture boosts volume, a perk for fine strands. The cool tone pairs well with modern trends and requires less frequent toning than warmer blondes.

32. Straight Cool Platinum Mid-Length Cut

Straight Cool Platinum Mid-Length Cut.

Precision cut to one length, this mid-length platinum style is so elegant. It’s a canvas for shine, with the straight edges reflecting light beautifully. Just straighten and go.

33. Tousled Textured Platinum Bob

Tousled Textured Platinum Hair Color.

With its messy, textured waves in a platinum hue, this bob is all about the tousled look. It’s a youthful take that breathes life into fine hair. Keeping the roots a shade or two darker than the icy blonde lengths provides a seamless grow-out while adding a touch of grit to your hairstyle.

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