30 Chic Long Hairstyles for Women Over 60 To Try

Embracing long hair at any age is a beautiful way to express yourself, and these long hairstyles for women over 60 offer a wonderful opportunity to showcase sophistication and individuality.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle refresh or a complete transformation, these styles are sure to inspire and uplift, showcasing the versatility and timeless appeal of long hair.

1. Face-Framing Layered Highlights

Face-Framing highlights on long hair on older woman.

Capture the essence of summer with sunkissed layered waves that flow effortlessly. The long dimensional layers add volume and movement, creating a lively yet elegant frame for any face shape.

2. Wavy Blowout

Beautiful wavy blow-out on older woman over 60 with long brown hair.

These luxurious chocolate blow-out waves give off a glossy and healthy sheen. The deep tones of brown are rich and warm, offering an air of sophistication and depth to the natural movement and texture of this long hairstyle.

3. Voluminous Feathered Layers

Voluminous blowout on long feathered hair of woman over 60.

This cut is a stunning example of feathered volume with seamless highlights and lowlights. This layered long hairstyle transitions into lighter ends, giving the hair a multidimensional and full-bodied appearance.

4. Feathered Layer with Bangs

Feathered layers with bangs on beautiful woman over 60 with long brown hair.

Soft, long brunette curls with a feathered fringe perfectly frame the face. The curls are bouncy and well-defined, providing a playful yet refined look, while the bangs add a touch of mystery and elegance to this gorgeous hairstyle.

5. Soft Waves with Curtain Bangs

Soft waves with curtain bangs on gorgeous older woman with long brown hair.

This relaxed tousled look with caramel highlights and curtain bangs creates a warm and inviting appearance. The subtle waves add body and dimension, creating an effortlessly chic style that’s both versatile and flattering for women in their 60s.

6. Long Layers with Side Part

Long Layers with side part on stunning older woman with long wavy blonde hair.

This stunning cut shines with long layers and a voluminous side part. It’s a luxurious look with strands of silver and ash blonde that flow into full waves, epitomizing grace and timeless beauty.

7. Salt and Pepper Curls

Long salt and pepper curls on older woman over 60.

These beautiful salt and pepper curls are nothing short of stunning. This wash and wear hairstyle showcases a bounty of perfectly defined curly strands that deliver texture and volume, making a bold and striking statement.

8. Long Highlighted Layers

Long straight highlighted layers on beautiful woman over 60.

This classic long cut has blonde balayage layers. This look creates a seamless transition from a deeper base to lighter ends, adding a sun-kissed effect that’s both graceful and stylish.

9. Dimensional Balayage Waves

Long balayage waves on beautiful woman over 60 with brown hair.

This long hairstyle is full of dimensional waves with varied tones of brown and blonde. It offers a look that’s rich in contrast and perfect for adding movement and depth to the hair.

10. Elegant Top Knot

Elegant top knot and beautiful smiling woman in her 60s.

This elegant top knot is a versatile updo that combines convenience with chic. Wispy tendrils soften the face, providing a playful yet sophisticated look that’s great for any occasion.

11. Windswept Half-Up Half-Down

Half up, half down hairstyle on woman over 60 very very long light brown hair.

A windswept half-updo adds an element of romance to your look. Some of the flowing locks are gently pulled back, giving a sense of movement and grace, while the loose strands frame the face in this very long hairstyle.

12. Sleek Feathered Layers

Feathered layers on woman over 60, side view.

A sleek, layered cut showcases the beauty of highlighted hair. The smooth layers fall gracefully, reflecting light and creating a modern, polished appearance.

13. Casual Ponytail with Wispy Bangs

Ponytail with wispy bangs on smiling woman over 60 wearing mock turtleneck.

A casual ponytail with charming wispy bangs is a simple over-60 hairstyle to pull off. The hair is gathered at a lower point, creating an easy-going yet stylish look, complemented by a few loose strands that add a touch of playfulness.

14. Soft Waves

Layered cut with soft waves on brunette hair of woman over 60.

Voluminous curls create a smooth and lustrous finish. This full-bodied style adds a touch of glamour to the hair, with each curl catching the light for a rich and dynamic look.

15. Flowing Ebony Waves

Long defined ebony waves on beautiful black woman over 60.

These long, classic ebony waves flow seamlessly, offering a look of timeless elegance. The deep, dark shade enhances the shine and dimension of each wave, creating a sophisticated and polished appearance.

16. Silver Waves

Long silver waves on smiling woman over 60.

Lastly, we have a hairstyle of beautiful silver waves, combining the allure of natural gray with the softness of a wavy texture. This style radiates a sense of confidence and grace, embodying a chic and contemporary look.

17. Voluminous Curly Layers

Long curly layers on beautiful woman in her 60s.

These high-volume layers look striking on natural long curls. The locks cascade in a relaxed yet defined pattern, reflecting a serene and organic beauty.

18. Layered Shag with Bangs

Long shag with bangs on older woman.a

This layered shag with bangs floats its silver strands in soft layers. This look combines the elegance of grey with the youthful vitality of a full, textured wave.

19. Vintage Pin Curls

Vintage pin curls on beautiful older woman with chestnut brown hair.

This portrait of chocolate vintage pin curls is rich in color and full of volume. Each curl is a statement of style, spiraling with precision to create a luxurious and captivating effect.

20. Voluminous Platinum Ash Flow

Voluminous long blonde waves on stunning older woman.

A platinum ash blend of voluminous waves gives a luxurious feel with its smooth transitions from darker roots to lighter ends. It’s a sophisticated style that radiates modern elegance.

21. Golden Balayage Layers

Face-framing golden balayage layers on beautiful older woman.

Golden balayage layers add depth and warmth to this long hairstyle. This technique provides a sun-kissed finish, creating a natural and effortless look that’s simply alluring.

22. Layers with Feathered Ends

Mid-length long hair with long layers and feathered ends.

Rich mocha waves with layers and feathered ends offer a classic look with a twist. The deep brown layers create a dimensional and voluminous style, perfect for any occasion.

23. Brunette Lob

Straight brown lob haircut on older woman over 60.

A timeless classic brunette lob (long bob) is cut just below the shoulders with a slight inward curl, creating a sleek and sophisticated silhouette that frames the face beautifully.

24. Natural Curls with Fringe

Long natural curls with fringe on pretty woman over 60.

A cascade of elegant silver curls with fringe is a free-flowing style that showcases the natural texture of grey hair, giving off a look that is both stylish and graceful.

25. Platinum Sleekness

Straight silver long hair on smiling woman over 60.

This long, straight hairstyle exudes a youthful yet refined vibe, with the silver tones providing a chic and polished finish.

26. Braided Crown

Long thick braid on woman over 60.

An elegantly styled braided crown leads into a long, textured braid. This hairstyle is both chic and functional, keeping the hair neatly away from the face while adding a touch of youthful fun.

27. Long Layers with Blunt Bangs

Long layers with blunt bangs on smiling woman over 60.

A sleek, straight look with long layers and a blunt fringe frames the face beautifully. The rich, dark color provides a striking contrast, enhancing the overall sleekness of the style.

28. Romantic Curls with Deep Side Part

Romantic curls with deep side part on beautiful woman over 60 wearing red lipstick.

Romantic, soft, natural curls with a deep side part give a relaxed yet refined look. This hairstyle is full of movement and life, creating an effortlessly timeless and feminine appeal.

29. Messy Chignon

Low, messy chignon bun on smiling woman in her 60s, side view.

A playful yet elegant, messy highlighted chignon bun adds a bit of fun to the classic updo. Strands of hair are artfully twisted around to conceal the hair tie, giving a chic and polished finish.

30. Sun-kissed Beach Waves

Ombre shaggy layers with bangs on beautiful 60 year old woman.

Gorgeous shaggy waves stand out with a dark-to-light ombre transition. The soft blending of colors complements the loose, effortless waves, creating a dreamy and romantic vibe.

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