31 Flattering Copper Hair Color Ideas to Illuminate Your Look

Ready to switch up your hair color with a stunning copper hue? There are several shades of copper to choose from that will flatter your skin tone and style. Whether you prefer a subtle glow or a bold statement, these copper hair color ideas will help you to take the leap and transform your locks into a copper hairstyle you’ll absolutely adore.

1. Copper Straight Long Hair

Light Copper Straight Long Hair.

Glowing with copper shades, this hair color brings a fresh take on classic long locks. It reflects natural light, enhancing your hair texture. Bright copper gives you a sun-kissed look, bright and fresh.

2. Long Loose Copper Waves with Highlights

Long Loose Copper Waves with Highlights.

The interplay of copper and lighter copper highlights gives life to these flowing waves. This color combination minimizes the appearance of damage by masking split ends with varied tones. Waves catch the light differently, ensuring your highlights look natural and lively.

3. Copper to Blonde Ombre

Copper to Blonde Ombre Copper Hair Color Idea.

Transitioning from deep copper to bright golden blonde, this ombre offers a bold contrast. The darker roots conceal new growth, and the blonde ends can be trimmed periodically without affecting the gradient.

4. Long Straight Copper Cut with Bangs

Long Straight Copper Cut with Bangs.

Rich copper brings warmth to this sleek, wavy style with full bangs. The color enhances the precision of the cut, making each strand appear meticulously placed.

5. Copper Auburn Bob

Copper Auburn Bob.

This bob shines in a deep copper auburn, a sophisticated choice. The depth of the auburn enhances your hair’s texture, making each strand stand out. This shade is particularly flattering in sunlight, where its complexity can truly shimmer.

6. Bright Copper Shag Cut

Bright Copper Shag Haircut.

A vibrant blend of warm red and golden undertones catches the light in this pretty shag cut. It frames your face with lively, bouncing curls that add depth, movement, and dimension.

7. Copper Balayage on Brown Hair

Copper Balayage on Brown Hair.

Copper balayage on brown hair is a fusion of warmth, adding a subtle glow to natural tones. The balayage technique ensures each copper stroke catches the light, enhancing your hair’s natural movement. It’s a low-maintenance way to experiment with color.

8. Golden Copper Straight Hair

Golden Copper Straight Hair.

Gold tones add a sunlit quality to the classic copper, reflecting light beautifully on straight strands. This shade is perfect for adding an autumnal warmth to the complexion all year round.

9. Copper Highlights on Long Brown Waves

Copper Highlights on Long Brown Waves.

Long brown waves with copper highlights create a dimension that seems to shift with every turn. Highlights add texture and depth, giving waves a fuller appearance. This style is forgiving on grow-out, making it ideal for a subtle color change.

10. Copper Brown Bob

Copper Brown Bob.

The copper brown bob is a smart, contemporary look. This color lends a spicy undertone to the classic bob. The richness of the brown with a hint of copper gives off an elegant sheen. Such a pretty shade.

11. Mid-Length Copper Waves

Mid-Length Copper Waves.

Sunset hues cascade through mid-length waves, offering a striking yet natural look. The copper tones catch light like the final moments of a sunset, turning hair into a vibrant accessory.

12. Copper French Bob

Copper French Bob.

The French bob goes fiery with a copper infusion. Warm copper tones paired with a short chin-length French bob with full bangs frame your face beautifully and create a timeless look. It’s low maintenance and versatile for styling.

13. Intense Copper Lob

Intense Copper Lob.

A long bob (lob) with intense copper waves is a bold choice that merges cut and color into a standout style. The deep copper reflects a rich palette that works all year round. It’s a hair color that can reinvent your look.

14. Copper-Red Textured Pixie

Copper-Red Textured Pixie.

A copper red pixie cut gives a burst of vibrant color to a textured style. Vibrant copper with a hint of red provides this pixie with a warm, fiery glow. It’s a standout hue that catches light and turns heads, adding a rich dimension to the textured layers.

15. Copper-Red Shag with Bangs

Copper-Red Shag with Bangs.

Bangs add a flirtatious element to the copper red shag, making it an instant head-turner. The copper-red shade is reminiscent of autumn tones, providing a constant sense of warmth.

16. Orange Copper Lob

Orange Copper Lob (Long Bob).

Radiant orange tones blend seamlessly into this lob, setting it alight with color. The intensity of this shade makes it a brilliant pick for standing out in any crowd. It’s an instant mood lifter!

17. Copper Auburn Bob

Copper Auburn Bob.

This bob basks in the glow of auburn and copper, a cocktail of earthy and fiery tones. The color adds depth and dimension, and the textured waves amplify the volume.

18. Sunset Copper Waves

Sunset Copper Waves, back view.

Luminous, evenly toned sunset copper waves catch the light, creating a vibrant, fiery glow all the way through. The waves add a dynamic touch, giving your hair movement and life.

19. Honey Copper Lob with Curtain Bangs

Honey Copper Lob with Curtain Bangs.

Honey and copper mingle in this stunning lob (long bob), adorned with curtain bangs for a sweet and stylish combo. The color mix promotes a soft transition that’s easy on the eyes.

20. Copper-Tipped Curls

Copper-Tipped Curls.

Copper tips give these curls a playful twist. It’s a creative way to spice up your curls without a full color commitment. The tips can be a subtle nod to change or a springboard for more daring hues.

21. Deep Copper Waves

Deep Copper Waves.

Deep copper waves catch light and attention with every turn. They’ll keep your style warm and vibrant. These waves offer a visual volume boost that’s effortlessly chic.

22. Tangerine Copper Lob

Tangerine Copper Wavy Lob.

This vibrant copper shade is a captivating blend of warm orange and reddish hues, reminiscent of a tangy tangerine. The medium-length lob cut beautifully showcases the radiant color, creating a fresh, eye-catching look.

23. Copper Red Waves

Copper Red Waves.

Want to stand out? This is the shade to try! This striking copper red hair color features a brilliant, fiery orange hue that will turn heads. The long, flowing waves beautifully showcase the vivid color, creating a bold look.

24. Copper Pixie

Copper Pixie.

This copper pixie cut features a rich, warm hue that falls somewhere between auburn and vivid copper. The short, textured style perfectly complements the lively color, resulting in a playful and modern look.

25. Face-Framing Copper Waves

Face-Framing Copper Waves.

This gorgeous copper hair color is a warm, rich blend of reddish-orange tones that beautifully catch the light. The long, face-framing waves soften the vibrant hue and create a flattering, feminine style. It looks beautiful on thick hair!

26. Copper Brown Waves

Copper Brown Waves.

Your waves will steal the spotlight in this copper brown hue, a stunning balance of depth and brightness. The waves add a soft, feminine touch to the bold shade, making it an all-occasion hairstyle.

27. Fiery Copper Pixie

Fiery Copper Pixie.

Rock a fiery copper pixie and let your daring side shine with a burst of vivid color. It’s a statement of confidence and fun, an instant mood lifter on drab days.

28. Light Copper Bob

Light Copper Bob.

Want to try a slightly muted copper shade? This light copper bob is a subtle nod to autumn’s favorite hues. It’s a low-commitment color that’s perfect for testing the copper waters.

29. Copper Pumpkin Lob

Copper Pumpkin Lob.

Try this statement hair color: this stunning lob haircut showcases a vibrant copper hue with a subtle hint of pumpkin spice, perfect for embracing the warm tones of autumn. The medium-length style features soft, tousled waves that beautifully highlight the rich, eye-catching color.

30. Copper Red Curly Bob

Copper Red Curly Bob.

Step out with a copper red curly bob and watch as it puts a modern twist on classic reds. It’s a playful way to add texture and life to your curls. The color is vibrant and fresh.

31. Chin-Length Copper Waves

Chin-Length Copper Waves.

Frame your face with chin-length copper waves for a touch of casual sophistication. The waves enhance your facial features, while the copper hue adds a warm glow. This look gives you the freedom of short hair with enough length to play around with different styles.

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