35 Stunning Prom Hairstyle Ideas To Try In 2024

Are you on the quest for the perfect prom hairstyle ideas that will turn heads and drop jaws on your big night? Look no further!

From cascading curls that shimmer under the dance floor lights to elegant updos that speak volumes of class, these prom hairstyle ideas are about to make your decision a breeze. If you love more than one, just bookmark all your favorites:

1. Low Wavy Ponytail

Low wavy ponytail prom hairstyle idea, shot from back.

This low elegant ponytail is perfect for prom night. The hair is smoothly pulled back into a low, looped knot with flowing waves cascading down the back. Simple yet beautiful!

2. High Ponytail

Blonde high ponytail prom hairstyle idea.

Get ready to dazzle with this blonde high ponytail that brings both sass and class to the prom scene. It’s slicked back into a high, voluminous pony with strands meticulously straightened for that sleek, polished look.

3. Shoulder-Length with Voluminous Side Sweep

Shoulder length with side part black prom hairstyle idea.

This medium-length hairstyle features classic waves that cascade down one side, creating a gorgeous voluminous side sweep. The deep part adds a touch of drama, while the glossy, flowing locks are an elegant choice that complements formal attire.

4. Long Flowing Waves

Long flowing waves prom hairstyle idea.

Soft, romantic waves give this hairstyle a timeless beauty that’s perfect for any prom or formal event. The center parting and flowing curls frame the face, offering a look that’s both classic and on-trend.

5. Braided Crown with Curled High Bun

Braided crown with high curled bun prom hairstyle idea.

This hairstyle is a playful twist on the traditional updo, featuring a braid and curls pinned artfully atop the head. It’s a fun, yet elegant choice, adorned with subtle hair accessories for an extra touch of prom night sparkle.

6. Voluminous Curly Updo

Voluminous curly updo prom hairstyle ideas.

Turn up the volume with this stunning updo that’s all about texture and volume. Piled high, the curls create a luxurious and dramatic effect. (TIP: Just be sure to add enough pins and hairspray so that you can dance the night away.)

7. Updo with Braided Crown

Updo with braided crown prom hairstyle idea.

Here’s a hairstyle that’s royally suited for prom—braids woven into a crown around the head, leading to a low, intricate low bun. It’s a sophisticated and cultured look with the dark brown locks enhanced by a delicate headband.

8. Dutch Braid with Tousled Waves

Tousled waves with braided crown prom hairstyle idea.

For a more laid-back, bohemian vibe, this hairstyle mixes loose waves with a carefree Dutch braid on one side. This long hairstyle is the ideal balance of effortless charm and styled precision, making it the perfect choice for any dress style.

9. Glamorous Waves

Glamorous Hollywood waves prom hairstyle idea.

These deep, lustrous waves are all about Hollywood glamour. Tucked behind one ear and cascading over the shoulder, they’re finished off with a sparkling hairpiece that captures the magic of prom night.

10. Fiery Copper Curls

Bright pulled back copper curls prom hairstyle idea.

Copper red locks are swept into a half-up, half-down style, with cascading curls that are full of life and energy. It’s a curly prom hairstyle look that combines the ease of flowing hair with the sophistication of an updo.

11. Soft Bangs with Waves

Soft waves with bangs long prom hairstyle idea.

This lovely hairstyle brings a playful yet polished vibe to your style. It features soft, full bangs that frame the face beautifully, paired with long, cascading waves that add a touch of romance to your prom night look.

12. Highlighted Waves with Flower Headband

Highlighted waves with flower headband prom hairstyle ideas.

Charming and ethereal, this hairstyle is a bohemian dream, with its gently highlighted waves adorned by a delicate floral headpiece.

13. Old Hollywood Waves

Old Hollywood waves blonde prom hairstyle idea.

Glamour meets the golden hour in this stunning long hairstyle, showcasing deep, golden curls that flow like liquid sunshine. It’s a look that captures the warmth and glow of the perfect prom evening.

14. Curly Twist

Half up half down curly twist prom hairstyle idea.

Opt for a modern twist on the classic updo, featuring soft strands artfully twisted into a low, romantic updo with a cascading ponytail. It’s perfect for anyone looking to combine classic style with a contemporary edge.

15. Messy Braided Bun

Messy braided chignon with highlights prom hairstyle idea.

This sophisticated updo interweaves elegance and detail, with braids converging into a graceful bun. It’s a refined choice that adds a special touch to your prom ensemble.

16. Half Up Half Down Twist

Half up half down twist prom hairstyle idea.

This versatile look marries the grace of an updo with the allure of long, loose hair. Strands of hair are masterfully twisted into a half-updo while the rest cascade in rich, flowing locks.

17. Low Twist Bun with Baby’s Breath

Low twist bun with baby's breath prom hairstyle idea.

This twisted updo is adorned with delicate baby’s breath floral accents. The hair is intricately woven to create a detailed pattern that’s elevated by the addition of the small flowers. So pretty!

18. Sleek Ponytail

Sleek straight ponytail prom hairstyle idea.

Sleek and chic, this high ponytail is all about polished perfection. With its smooth texture and long length, it provides a modern and sophisticated look that’s perfect for a night of celebration.

19. Layered Shoulder-Length Curls for Prom

Layered shoulder-length curls prom hairstyle ideas.

Enjoy high volume with this stunning layered shoulder-length curly style. The curls are perfectly defined, offering a look full of life and movement that’s sure to make a statement.

20. Voluminous Side Braid

Voluminous side braid prom hairstyle idea.

A voluminous side-swept braid adds a touch of intricate detail to flowing locks. It’s the ideal combination of elegance and boho chic.

21. Bouncy Curls

Voluminous curls long prom hairstyle idea.

These volume-filled highlighted dark brown curls bring life and exuberance to your prom look. Perfect for dancing the night away, they add a playful yet glamorous touch to your special night.

22. Pearl-Embellished French Twist

French twist with pearl pins blonde prom hairstyle idea.

This French twist updo is like a stunning piece of art with its intricate twists and turns adorned with delicate pearl pins.

23. Elegant Crown Braid with Low Bun

Side-swept braid with low bun black prom hairstyle idea.

An elegant crown braid that wraps around the head, leading into a chic low bun at the back. It’s a sophisticated style and is ideal for formal occasions.

24. Minimalist Low Chignon Bun

Minimalist low chignon bun prom hairstyle idea.

In this minimalist look, straight hair is pulled back cleanly and twisted into a sleek low bun at the nape, with a few loose strands for a soft finish. It’s a versatile choice that pairs beautifully with any prom dress for a polished and refined look.

25. Dutch Side Braid with Waves

Side Dutch braid with waves prom hairstyle idea.

A gorgeous Dutch braid that starts at the crown seamlessly transitions into voluminous waves. The braid adds texture and detail to the style, while the flowing blond waves bring a playful and dynamic element to the look.

26. Voluminous Curled Ponytail

Sleek curled ponytail with volume prom hairstyle idea.

This smooth ponytail is high in volume and pinned at the back with a delicate, jeweled clip. It’s a minimalist yet glamorous option for anyone who wants to combine simplicity with a touch of sparkle for their prom night.

27. Short Wavy Bob

Short wavy bob with side part prom hairstyle idea.

Chic and trendy, this short wavy bob is a perfect nod to classic styles with a modern edge. It’s an excellent choice for those with shorter hair who want to rock a playful and voluminous look for prom.

28. Twisted Updo

Twisted updo prom hairstyle idea.

A blend of curls and twists forms a sophisticated updo that sits beautifully at the base of the head.

29. Tousled High Bun with Floral Pin

High tousled bun with floral accessory prom hairstyle idea.

A voluminous high bun with a textured finish is accented by a sparkling hair floral hairpin. It’s a glamorous and chic look that combines volume and style, perfect for a prom night where you aim to dazzle.

30. Tousled Copper Ponytail

Voluminous copper wavy ponytail prom hairstyle idea.

Capturing the fiery essence of red hair, this copper-red ponytail is all about volume and bounce. With its teased crown and cascading curls, this hairstyle is bold and playful, perfect for someone with a vivacious personality looking to make a statement.

31. Sleek Bob

Sleek straight short bob prom hairstyle idea.

This fresh and flirty chin-length bob has a center parting that gives it a playful swing with every movement. The subtle layering near the face and tousled styling adds a touch of volume, making this a perfect low-maintenance yet stylish choice for prom night.

32. Wavy Twisted Half-Updo

Wavy twist blonde prom hairstyle idea.

A luxurious cascade of golden curls is complemented by a twisted half-updo that adds a touch of sophistication. The intertwining strands at the back create a lovely focal point.

33. Messy Soft Blonde Updo

Loose messy bun prom hairstyle idea.

A soft and romantic updo where the hair is gently pulled back creates a relaxed yet elegant look. Wispy tendrils frame the face, providing a youthful and carefree vibe, perfect for prom.

34. Short Wavy Bob

Short wavy bob prom hairstyle idea.

This playful wavy bob embraces natural texture. The waves are soft and relaxed, giving a modern and effortless feel. This hairstyle is perfect for everyday wear or special events, offering a fresh look.

35. Low Bun with Braided Detail

Low braided chignon bun prom hairstyle idea.

An elegant low bun with a braided detail provides a classic and timeless appeal. This sophisticated hairstyle is great for formal events or weddings where you want a polished style.