32 Modern Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60

If you’re looking for a fresh and modern hairstyle, look no further than the timeless and versatile bob cut, which has been a favorite among women of all ages for decades.

Bob hairstyles for women over 60 offer a wide range of options that can be tailored to suit your individual face shape, hair type, and personal style preferences. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Silver Bob with Blunt Bangs

Gray bob with blunt bangs bob hairstyle for women over 60.

This sleek silver bob with blunt bangs is the epitome of sophistication (especially with those red lips!). The uniform length creates a clean, tailored look that frames the face beautifully. It’s a fabulous choice for women in their 60s who want to embrace their natural gray shade.

2. Layered Chin-Length Bob with Bangs

Rounded chin-length bob with bangs bob hairstyle for women over 60.

Soft bangs gently kiss the forehead, and layers add fullness to this classic chin-length bob cut. The layers pump up the volume, making this cut ideal for fine hair.

3. Choppy Wavy Bob

Choppy blonde bob hairstyle for women over 60.

Choppy, tousled waves add volume and a playful bounce to this blonde bob. The textured ends brings a light and airy feel to the style, perfect for adding volume to thinner hair.

4. Teased Brown Layered Bob

Teased brown layered bob hairstyle for women in their 60s.

Bold and beautiful, this voluminous dark brown layered bob is a statement of sophistication. The teased layers create a sense of movement, frame the face beautifully, and give your hair fullness.

5. Stacked Bob with Long Layers

Stacked bob with long layers bob hairstyle for older women.

This sleek stacked bob is crafted with long layers that build dimension and movement throughout the cut. The stacking technique gives a structured shape at the back, which gradually transitions to longer, face-framing strands at the front.

6. Angled Brown Black Lob

Long angled dark brown black bob hairstyle for women in their 60s.

With its deep, dark brown black shade that flows like the midnight sky, this angled lob (long bob) hairstyle offers a polished look with minimal styling required. The strategic stacking in the back adds volume where it’s most flattering, allowing for a refined silhouette that is both modern and elegant.

7. Stacked Platinum Bob

Stacked silver bob hairstyle for women over 60.

This platinum stacked bob is like a breath of fresh, fashionable air for those in their 60s who are young at heart. The face-framing layers give it a bouncy, voluminous feel that brings movement and life to the hair, making it anything but flat.

8. Chin-Length Bob with Wispy Bangs

Chin-length bob with wispy bangs hairstyle for women over 60.

Natural-looking chestnut waves with tasteful wispy bangs are boosted with light volumizing layering. The textured cut is a versatile choice for older women who want a manageable length with a bit of bounce.

9. Layered Feathered Bob

Layered feathered gray bob for women over 60.

Volume is the hero of this silver voluminous feathered bob, with layers that create a full-bodied, airy look. The silvery hue is bright and eye-catching, adding an extra layer of oomph to this style.

10. Textured Layered Salt and Pepper Bob

Textured layered silver bob hairstyle for women over 60.

A smoky salt and pepper bob combines the edge of sharp angles with the softness of feathered layers. The color seamlessly transitions back and forth from black to gray, offering a modern twist on the classic bob.

11. Layered Wavy Bob with Curtain Bangs

Layered wavy bob with side-swept fringe hairstyle for women over 60.

This beautiful bob style comes alive with its dynamic layers, giving a full-bodied and spirited look and soft curtain bangs frame the face. The warm caramel highlights add depth and dimension, enhancing the natural texture and creating an inviting, sun-kissed appearance.

12. Layered Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Layered blonde bob with side-swept bangs hairstyle for women over 60.

Sleek and sophisticated, this platinum sleek bob is an elegant style with its smooth, flowing lines. The light-reflecting cut and color add a contemporary edge, making this a perfect hairstyle for the modern woman in her sixties who enjoys a clean and polished look.

13. Layered Brown Bob

Layered brown bob hairstyle for women over 60.

This toffee-shaded rounded bob is the very picture of poise, with its lush, harmonious balance of volume and shape. The warm brown hues are flattering and offer a classic look, great for those who prefer an understated style.

14. Layered White Curly Bob

Layered white curly bob hairstyle for women over 60.

Embrace your curls with this white curly bob hairstyle, where each curl seems to dance around the face. The white color is bright and pure, giving a soft yet striking look that’s sure to turn heads and receive compliments.

15. Sleek Straight Bob with Bangs

Sleek brown straight bob with bangs hairstyle for women over 60.

This mocha brown bob with bangs offers a gorgeous silhouette with a sharp, straight look that accentuates the eyes and cheekbones. The rich mocha hue is timeless, providing a warm and inviting color that adds depth to this stunning bob.

16. Rounded Chin-Length Bob

Rounded chin-length brown bob hairstyle for older women.

This elegant short bob is a seamless blend of color and class, featuring a smooth, rounded shape that drapes gracefully along the jawline. The rounded shape adds a vibrant, youthful touch to the classic bob, creating a harmonious and stylish appearance.

17. Wavy Short Bob with Bangs

Wavy short brown bob with bangs on women over 60.

This curly dark brown bob is all about embracing your natural texture with bouncy curls that offer volume and a playful vibe. The deep brown color enhances the curls, making them pop and giving the short style a lively, dynamic look.

18. Inverted Silver Bob

Inverted silver bob hairstyle for women over 60.

The icy silver layered inverted bob cut is simply stunning, with softly feathered layers that create an airy texture. The cool silver color and sleek cut make this a statement hairstyle that’s completely modern.

19. Classic Bob with Bangs

Classic bob with bangs hairstyle for women over 60.

This classic chestnut bob is a timeless style with a rich hue that brings warmth to the complexion. You can’t go wrong with this smooth, rounded cut that provides a flattering frame for your face, offering elegance and simplicity at every angle.

20. Straight Silver Bob

Silver straight bob haircut for women over 60.

With this multi-tonal silver cut, there’s a playful yet refined edge to this voluminous look. The layers are light, airy, and very elegant.

21. Textured Bob with Blended Highlights

Textured bob with blended highlights hairstyle on woman in her sixties.

This bob dazzles with blonde highlights that add depth and dimension to the base color. The sleek, long layers offer a polished look, while the highlights seem to catch the light, creating an inviting warmth.

22. Chin-Length Layered Bob

Chin-length layered black bob hairstyle for women in their sixties.

This jet black voluminous bob offers a striking contrast and a bold statement. This hairstyle’s thick, natural texture and layers add body and fullness, while the deep black color provides a dramatic and elegant finish.

23. Tousled Shoulder-Length Lob

Tousled shoulder length bob hairstyle for women in their 60s.

With its effortless waves and chic blonde highlights, this shoulder-length bob, also known as a lob, is a striking statement of style and ease. This medium-length cut is particularly flattering for those with fine to medium hair, as the layers add volume and the tousled styling imparts a sense of fullness and movement.

24. Voluminous Curly Bob with Bangs

Curly gray bob with bangs hairstyle for older women.

This hairstyle is a celebration of curls, with silver strands that give a voluminous, ethereal look. The striking bob cut showcases curls that are both bouncy and beautifully unruly.

25. Feathered Bob with Bangs

Feathered bob with bangs hairstyle for older women.

The layers of this feathered bob give volume and movement, making it an excellent choice for those with fine or thinning hair looking for a voluminous lift. This style works wonderfully to accentuate the texture, whether your hair is naturally straight or with a slight wave.

26. Rounded Chocolate Brown Bob with Fringe

Rounded chocolate brown bob with fringe hairstyle on woman in her 60s.

Rich in color, this chocolate bangs bob combines straight, sleek hair with a blunt fringe that frames the eyes. It’s a timeless look that offers sophistication and will never go out of style.

27. Curly Layered Espresso Bob

Curly layered dark brown bob hairstyle for women in their sixties.

The espresso ringlet bob is a delightful medley of curls imbued with deep, rich tones. Each curl is defined, creating fabulous texture and volume.

28. Pastel Pink Layered Bob

Pastel pink straight bob with layers hairstyle for mature women in their 60s.

This pastel pink layered bob is playful and modern, with its soft hues. The layers give the hair movement, making it an easy choice for those looking to infuse some fun into their style.

29. Voluminous Layered Bob with Texture

Voluminous layered bob with texture hairstyle on woman in her 60s.

A blend of golden highlights and natural tones, this straight bob is styled with a gentle inward curve at the ends, highlighting your features. This versatile style is particularly flattering for medium to thick hair, offering a beautiful cascade of manageable locks that radiate sophistication.

30. Rounded Bob

Rounded bob hairstyle for women in their sixties.

This rounded bob is a sleek, futuristic take on a classic style, featuring a perfectly rounded silhouette that frames the face with its silvery, light-reflecting strands.

31. Curly Layered Copper Bob

Chin-length curly layered copper bob hairstyle for women in their sixties.

An explosion of tight, bouncy curls in a fiery copper hue makes this layered bob shine. It’s a dynamic style that adds volume and a playful touch to the overall look.

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32. Silver Wispy Lob (Long Bob)

Silver wispy lob (long bob) hairstyle for women in their 60s.

A chic and sophisticated style, this long bob haircut has soft, flowing waves in a graceful blonde/silver shade. The hair cascades just below the shoulders, creating a refined and effortless look.

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