31 Gorgeous Dark Brown Hair Color Ideas To Try In 2024

If you’re on the hunt for dark brown hair color ideas that will truly stand out in 2024, you’ve come to the right place. The rich, velvety tones of dark brown can add depth and mystery to any look, making it a timeless choice that’s always in vogue.

From espresso to dark chocolate, each hue has its own unique charm, ready to complement your skin tone and personality.

1. Tousled Midnight Brown Waves

Tousled midnight brown waves dark brown hair color idea.

This dark brown hairstyle features long, flowing waves that cascade down the shoulders, creating an alluring look. The rich, raven hue is enhanced by the soft, natural-looking waves that add depth and dimension to the hair. Add some texturizing spray to get that sleek, piecey look.

2. Dark Chocolate with Caramel Highlights

Dark chocolate with caramel highlights dark brown hair color idea.

This dreamy dark chocolate shade is equal parts warm and inviting. The rich, chocolatey brown base is enhanced by subtle hints of caramel, creating a delightfully balanced and oh-so-flattering hue.

3. Glossy Brown Black Waves

Glossy brown black waves dark brown hair color idea.

Get ready to channel your inner siren with this smoldering brown black shade that’s as dark and mysterious as a moonless night! The deep, rich brown hue is so intensely pigmented that it almost looks black, creating an aura of sultry sophistication that’s impossible to ignore.

4. Dark Brown with Face-Framing Golden Highlights

Dark brown with face-framing golden highlights dark brown hair color idea.

The rich, dark brown base shade of this long hairstyle is textured, and the voluminous cut is enhanced by dazzling hints of gold and caramel, creating a multi-dimensional hue that’s sure to turn heads.

5. Espresso brown with Caramel Highlights

Espresso brown with caramel highlights dark brown hair color.

Espresso brown is infused with luscious swirls of caramel and toffee, creating a multi-tonal look that’s filled with dimension. The color has a soft, luminous sheen that catches the light beautifully, which will make your hair look healthy, glossy, and oh-so-touchable.

6. Espresso Brown with Bronze Highlights

Espresso brown hair color with bronze highlights.

This stunning dark brown hairstyle features long, luxurious waves enhanced by bronze balayage highlights. The warm, golden tones effortlessly blend with the rich espresso base. It’s the kind of hair color that makes you want to lean in and ask, “Hey, who does your color?”

7. Dark Cocoa Brown with Sandy Blonde Highlights

Dark cocoa brown with sandy blonde highlights dark brown hair color.

This chic dark cocoa brown bob features a textured, piecey style. The dark cocoa roots have this grounded, earthy feel, while those sandy blonde streaks are like little flashes of sunlight peeking through.

8. Dark brown hair color with hazelnut highlights

Dark brown hair color with hazelnut highlights.

The way those warm, sun-kissed tones dance through the rich, chocolatey dark brown base is giving me life. The dark brown base is like the perfect espresso shot, and those hazelnut highlights? They’re the sweet, creamy swirl that makes it all pop. Trust me, with this stunning color, you’ll be turning heads wherever you go!

9. Dark Brown Hair with Medium Brown Highlights

Dark brown hair with medium brown highlights.

The deep, dark brown base is like the classic little dress of hair colors, but those medium brown highlights are weaving in some serious dimension. With the added bonus of additional dimension from the soft waves, this hairstyle is like a warm hug for your locks – comforting, effortless, and oh-so-chic!

10. Natural Dark Brown Curls

Natural dark brown curls dark brown hair color idea.

Get ready to rock a seriously chic and sassy look with this midnight brown black pixie cut that perfectly complements afro-textured hair! The dark brown hue is deep and pure, giving a classic yet striking statement that doesn’t need any embellishment to truly shine.

11. Dark Chestnut Brown with Subtle Highlights

Dark brown hair color with subtle highlights.

This is the kind of rich chestnut brown that makes you think of cozy cabins and luxury leather. The subtle highlights are like the perfect sprinkle of cinnamon on a frothy cappuccino—they catch the light and give your hair a lively look.

12. Dark Mocha Brown with Honey Highlights

Mocha brown with honey highlights dark brown hair color.

Get ready to turn heads with this jaw-dropping ‘do! Luscious, dark brown curls tumble down like a waterfall, with subtle honey highlights that catch the light just so. Whether you’re hitting the town or just running errands, this hairstyle is sure to make you feel like a total bombshell.

13. Mocha Waves with Auburn Highlights

Mocha brown hair color with auburn highlights.

Rich mocha locks flow like waves with a hint of auburn shimmer that’ll have everyone doing a double take. The soft, face-framing waves add just the right amount of sass, while the tousled texture is giving us major “effortlessly cool” energy.

14. Hand-Painted Highlights on Dark Chocolate Hair

Hand painted highlights on dark chocolate hair.

You know what’s better than chocolate? Chocolate with caramel, and that’s exactly the vibe this dark chocolate hair with hand-painted highlights is giving. And the best part is, these highlights will grow out beautifully, giving you that lived-in, boho-chic look that’s all the rage.

15. Tousled Espresso Pixie

Dark brown pixie cut.

Get ready to channel your inner pixie with this playful, tousled ‘do that’s all about embracing your wild side! The rich espresso hue is the perfect canvas for showcasing the artfully disheveled layers that frame your face just so.

16. Black Brown Hair with Toffee Highlights

Black brown hair color with toffee highlights.

This is the kind of hair color that whispers “effortless style” every time you flip your hair. That black-brown base isn’t just black; it’s the deep, mysterious kind of night-sky dark that pairs perfectly with the warm toffee highlights teasing throughout.

17. Dark Brown Choppy Cut with Caramel Balayage

Chocolate hair with light brown caramel highlights.

This striking dark brown hairstyle features a trendy choppy cut with tons of movement and texture. Caramel balayage highlights are artfully painted throughout the shorter layers, creating a stunning contrast against the rich brunette base.

18. Dark Brown Hair with Hazelnut Highlights

Dark brown hair color with hazelnut highlights.

Now, here’s a color that totally nails the “I woke up like this” look! The dark brown base has an earthy depth that’s anything but basic, and those hazelnut highlights? Absolute game changers. They weave through the hair with a natural elegance, creating a soft, sun-kissed effect.

19. Asymmetrical Dark Brown Lob

Asymmetrical dark brown lob hairstyle.

This sleek dark brown lob (long bob) is everything! The deep, inky black color is so rich and luxurious it’s like staring into the depths of a clear night sky. And can we talk about that razor-sharp cut? The blunt ends and chin-grazing length create a seriously chic and edgy vibe that’s perfect for the fearless fashionista.

20. Deep Chestnut Brown with Warm Toffee Highlights

Deep Chestnut Brown with Warm Toffee Highlights hair color.

This stunning dark brown hairstyle features glossy, dark chestnut-hued waves that cascade down the back in a lush, voluminous mane. Those warm toffee highlights? They’re the golden leaves to this chestnut tree, adding a richness that makes your hair look like it’s glowing from within. This color combo brings out the best in each wave and curl.

21. Midnight Brown Bob

Cropped chin-length midnight brown bob hairstyle.

This trendy choppy bob haircut features dark midnight brown hair with super subtle babylights throughout, giving it depth and dimension. With its tousled, textured styling, this look is minimalistic, elegant, and absolutely timeless.

22. Short Espresso Curls

Espresso brown short curly hairstyle.

This adorable curly layered short haircut is perfect for those who want to embrace their natural texture while keeping things fun and playful. The rounded shape and bouncy deep brown espresso curls frame the face beautifully, while the shorter layers add movement and volume throughout the style.

STYLING TIP: The key to rocking this curly ‘do is to let your natural curls do their thing – avoid over-styling or trying to tame them too much. A lightweight curl cream or mousse can help define and enhance the curl pattern without weighing it down. Scrunch and air dry for the most effortless, natural-looking finish.

23. Chocolate Brown Old Hollywood Waves with Hints of Chestnut

Chocolate brown old Hollywood waves with hints of chestnut.

This glamorous dark chocolate brown hairstyle features long, loose waves that cascade beautifully over the shoulders. The rich, glossy color and soft, voluminous curls create an ultra-feminine and sophisticated look that’s perfect for any special occasion or night out.

24. Dark Chocolate Bob with Toffee Highlights

Dark chocolate bob with toffee highlights hair color.

The dark chocolate brown color of this rounded bob is rich and glossy, while the graduated layers in the back create a rounded, fuller shape that adds visual interest and dimension to the classic bob silhouette. The subtle toffee highlights are like the perfect drizzle on your favorite dessert, adding a playful twist to the classic dark brown shade.

25. Tousled Dark Brown Waves

Textured dark brown waves.

This gorgeous hairstyle features long, tousled waves in a rich, dark brown shade that’s perfect for creating a sultry, feminine look. The soft, touchable texture and effortless movement of the waves add a sense of carefree romance to the style, while the piecey texture throughout gives the color depth and dimension.

26. Dark Brown Curly Pixie with Copper Highlights

Dark brown curly pixie with copper highlights hair color.

This rich, dark brown hair color has a warm, reddish undertone that is enhanced with copper highlights. If you’re blessed with naturally curly locks, this vibrant shade combination with this short cut is definitely worth considering for your next color refresh!

27. Brown Black with Caramel Balayage

Black brown hair with golden highlights hair color.

The dark brown-black base of this long hairstyle is elevated with gorgeous caramel balayage highlights that add stunning gloss and dimension. If you’re looking to add some visual interest to your dark locks without going too light, this balayage technique is the perfect way to achieve depth and luminosity.

28. Dark Mocha Brown

Dark mocha brown tousled ponytail.

This deep, mocha brown hair color is the epitome of rich, luxurious elegance. The dark, cool hue has an effortlessly chic vibe that pairs beautifully with the soft, tousled waves.

29. Sleek Espresso Bob

Deep espresso rounded bob.

This stunning bob haircut showcases a rich, espresso brown shade. The sleek, polished styling emphasizes the glossy shine and depth of the dark brown hue. If you’re looking for a sophisticated short haircut that’s easy to maintain and flatters a variety of skin tones, this espresso bob is definitely worth trying out!

30. Brown Black with Ash Blonde Highlights

Brown black with ash blonde highlights hair color.

This trendy short style features a beautiful blend of dark brown and cool, ashy blonde tones for a modern “bronde” look. The expertly placed highlights and soft layers add tons of dimension and depth to the dark base color, creating a striking yet wearable contrast.

31. Dark Chocolate Brown Hair Color with Caramel Balayage Highlights

Dark chocolate brown hair color with caramel balayage highlights.

This hair color plays it cool with its deep brown roots, then heats things up as it melts into those to-die-for warm caramel balayage highlights. It’s the perfect harmony of cool and warm, making it versatile for all seasons. And the best part? It looks as silky and smooth as it sounds, giving your hair a healthy-looking gleam that screams hair goals.

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