30 Hairstyles for Women Over 70 to Inspire Your Next Salon Visit

If you’re in your seventies and looking for some hairstyle inspiration, we’ve curated an exciting collection of hairstyles for women over 70 to inspire your next salon visit and help you embrace your unique style.

Whether you’re looking for a classic, elegant look or something a bit more daring and modern, we’ve got you covered. These hairstyles are designed to showcase your personality, complement your features, and be ready to take on the world.

1. Sleek Brown Bob

Sleek brown bob hairstyle for women over 70.

This sleek bob in rich chestnut shades is all about simplicity, offering a chic, low-maintenance look. The uniform length around the face shapes and enhances your features, making it a flattering choice for women who appreciate elegance without effort.

2. Voluminous Loose Curls

Voluminous loose curls hairstyle for women over 70.

The abundant curls in this medium-length hairstyle fall into a beautiful cascade of caramel tones, giving life and energy to every strand. Its voluminous nature can make the hair appear fuller, an advantage for women in their seventies wanting to create an impression of density.

3. Brunette Blow Out with Soft Waves

Brunette blow out with soft waves hairstyle for women over 70.

With its flowing chocolate waves, this dark brown hairstyle lends a glamorous yet manageable look, perfect for those special occasions or everyday elegance. The soft waves frame the face delicately, while the layers subtly create a look of fullness and depth.

4. Loose Layered Curls

Shoulder length layers with highlights hairstyle for women over 70.

Luxurious, cascading curls lend a sense of sophistication, perfect for women wanting to add a playful and refined feel to their look. The rich caramel tones with subtle blonde highlights throughout create a warm and inviting color palette that flatters various skin tones.

5. Long Layered Waves

Long waves with fringe hairstyle for women over 70.

Who says you must have shorter hair once you reach a certain age? The long layered waves of this over-70 hairstyle offer a classic silhouette that’s versatile and full of movement. This hairstyle lends an airy, romantic feel that doesn’t skimp on volume or texture.

6. Soft Frosted Bob

Frosted layered bob hairstyle for women over 70.

This frosted layered bob is a standout look that combines sophistication with ease. This hairstyle sits comfortably around the shoulders and requires little styling for a chic, put-together appearance.

7. Shoulder-Length Layers with Highlights

Collage of shoulder length layers with highlights hairstyle for women over 70.

The popular shoulder-length style offers a mix of shades with sun-kissed highlights that bring warmth to the complexion. Perfectly crafted layers give the hair a bouncy, voluminous look, which is easy to manage. The layered cut not only promotes movement and life for thinner or fine hair but also provides a fresh look that’s absolutely flattering for any face shape.

8. Medium-Length Natural Waves

Shoulder length waves hairstyle for women over 70.

These soft, flowing, medium-length waves create a look of timeless elegance. The gentle curves cascade past the shoulders, offering a sophisticated and polished appearance. This hairstyle is low-maintenance, providing natural volume.

9. Shoulder-Length Layers

Shoulder-length layers hairstyle for women over 70.

Vibrant and full of life, these shoulder-length waves offer a spirited look with plenty of volume. The waves are cut to perfection, providing bounce and movement that maintain shape throughout the day. This hairstyle is a statement of confidence and style with its rich, deep color and dynamic texture.

10. Long Espresso Waves

Long full waves hairstyle for women over 70.

A gorgeous long hairstyle for mature women, these rich, deep espresso waves flow down in a luxurious mane. This hairstyle suggests a sense of freedom and ease, with long layers that add volume and depth. The beauty of this look lies in its versatility, allowing for updos that can be both casual and elegant.

11. Layered Bob with Soft Waves

Layered bob with soft waves hairstyle for women over 70.

This layered bob is all about embracing the natural elegance of gray hair. This particular style is cut into a layered, textured bob, giving volume and a contemporary edge. The soft layers and feathered finish make it an excellent choice for a modern look.

12. Platinum Pixie

Copped white pixie hairstyle for women over 70.

This platinum pixie cut is a bold statement of sophistication yet also quite easy to maintain. The close crop offers a fuss-free styling routine, perfect for the woman on the go.

13. Long Salt and Pepper Waves

Long salt and pepper waves hairstyle for women over 70.

These beachy salt and pepper waves hit the mark for a relaxed yet elegant style. The natural darker shade blends seamlessly with softer white strands, creating a carefree, tousled look.

14. Layered, Textured Pixie Cut

Layered and textured pixie hairstyle for women over 70.

The textured layers of this pixie cut give it a lively and youthful vibe, while the deep color provides a striking contrast that enhances the eyes and frames the face beautifully. Don’t worry about maintaining a few grays – they blend seamlessly into this easy cut.

15. Soft Layered Blonde Bob

Soft layered blonde bob hairstyle for women over 70.

This layered bob’s soft blonde waves offer a timeless elegance. The sweeping side part adds a touch of glamour, and the layers create a full-bodied look that’s as versatile as it is beautiful. It’s perfect for adding a little extra oomph without overwhelming effort. This cut is one of our favorites!

16. French Bob

French bob hairstyle for women over 70.

Here’s a sleek and timeless classic bob that pairs beautifully with a striking blunt fringe. This cut is all about precision and ease. The deep, rich color that makes a stylish statement that never goes out of fashion.

17. Long Silver Waves

Long silver waves hairstyle for women over 70.

This long and luscious style celebrates the natural beauty of silver hair. It’s a perfect choice for women over 70 who love a bit of length and aren’t afraid to show off the natural grace of graying hair.

18. Silver Pixie

Silver pixie hairstyle for women over 70.

This chic silver pixie style is all about embracing the elegance of maturity. It’s perfectly styled, with just the right amount of texture to add volume and flair.

19. Tousled Silver Layers

Silver layers hairstyle for women over 70.

Shoulder-length layers offer a flattering frame for the face and the illusion of movement, making it appear effortlessly stylish. The natural grey color is a celebration of age, worn with pride and a sense of ease.

20. Voluminous Updo

Voluminous updo hairstyle for women over 70.

An elegant updo is perfect for special occasions or when you simply want to feel a little extra polished. The soft, gray/black shade complements the structured style, and the teased strands are ideal for thinning or fine hair that needs a boost.

21. Layered Bob with Flipped Ends

Layered bob with flipped ends hairstyle for women over 70.

With its gently flipped ends, this layered bob cut provides a modern look that can help frame the face and add a sense of lift. Its layers create texture and volume, which can be particularly beneficial for adding body to fine hair.

22. Low Chignon

Voluminous low chignon hairstyle for women over 70.

A chignon with twists and turns, this updo brings an elegant look to your hair. It’s a wonderful option for evenings out or when you want your hairstyle to match a polished, chic ensemble. Even though it’s a low bun, the teased crown adds a nice volume boost.

23. Edgy Spiky Pixie

Edgy spiky pixie hairstyle for women over 70.

This edgy, spiky pixie cut embodies boldness with its textured layers and sharp, upward styling. This wash and wear cut is ideal for showcasing facial features, and the added volume at the top can give the appearance of a longer, more pronounced face shape.

24. Sandy Textured Layers

Sandy silver layers hairstyle for women over 70.

Sandy-shaded, textured layers provide volume and lift, enhancing the hair’s natural body and creating a youthful appearance. The strategic layering makes it a versatile choice for various hair types.

25. Classic Blonde Bob

Layered blonde bob hairstyle for women over 70.

A timeless classic, this blonde bob is cut to perfection. It frames the face beautifully, maintaining a sleek and polished look. The layering technique adds volume and movement, making it a versatile cut that’s easy to manage and perfect for adding a youthful bounce to the hair.

26. Layered Blonde Curls

Natural blonde layered curls hairstyle for women over 70.

These blonde curls are full of life and bounce. This layered hairstyle celebrates volume and texture and is excellent for fine-to-medium hair types. It’s a wonderful choice for showcasing the vibrancy of mature hair.

27. Voluminous Layered Waves

Voluminous layered waves hairstyle for women over 70.

This ‘do radiates classic Hollywood glamour with its voluminous curls and warm, golden highlights. The layers are sculpted to create a soft, full-bodied shape. It’s a timeless style that’s elegant and expressive.

28. Feathered Icy Silver Layers

Feathered icy silver layers hairstyle for women over 70.

Icy silver layers are expertly feathered to create a luxuriously full and flowing appearance. The light-catching color complements the multi-dimensional layering, which gives the hair volume and a soft, airy texture.

29. Butter Blonde Feathered Pixie

Butter blonde feathered pixie hairstyle for women over 70.

This gorgeous butter blonde feathered pixie cut offers a youthful, spirited look with textured layers and wispy ends. The cut is low-maintenance, with the added benefit of emphasizing an airy and lightweight feel with side-swept bangs and a piecey texture.

30. Wispy Brown Bob with Layers

Wispy brown bob hairstyle for women over 70.

This bob hairstyle features strategically placed layers that give a sense of volume and texture, softening the overall look while framing the face. The cut offers easy manageability and is a versatile, practical hairstyle.

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