33 Gorgeous Pixie Haircuts for 2024

Whether you’re a pixie pro or thinking about making the big chop for the first time, our list of the best pixie haircuts is your ultimate guide.

We’ve scoured the trendiest looks to bring you a variety of styles that are sure to turn heads and boost your confidence. From edgy to elegant, these pixie cuts are not just haircuts – they’re bold statements of style and personality.

1. Copper Pixie

Auburn pixie cut.

This pixie cut is a statement piece, featuring a rich copper red hue with dynamic swooping layers that add volume and movement. The deep side part and sweeping bangs frame the face beautifully, offering a modern twist on the classic pixie that’s both bold and effortlessly chic.

2. Side-Swept Bowl Cut Pixie

Side swept bowl cut pixie.

Consider a side-swept pixie bowl cut that boasts a playful yet sophisticated silhouette with its soft, feathered layers that gently caress the cheekbones. The subtle highlights enhance the texture, creating a dimensional look that’s airy and light.

3. Bouncy Curly Pixie

Bouncy curly pixie cut.

This pixie cut is all about embracing the joy and spontaneity of curls with tightly coiled ringlets that add volume and lively energy to the style. The carefully sculpted layers create a beautiful shape that frames the face, offering a playful yet polished look.

4. Platinum Sweep Pixie

Platinum blond side swept pixie cut.

If you’re looking for a chic, contemporary vibe, opt for this pixie cut with its platinum blonde shade and side-swept bangs that softly cascade along the side of the forehead. The cut combines close-cropped sides with a longer, textured top, providing versatility for styling.

5. Brown with Highlights Pixie

Brown with highlights pixie haircut idea.

This playful medley of choppy layers and delicate highlights creates a lively texture that’s both modern and versatile. The warm tones of the highlights add depth and dimension, while the tousled styling gives a nod to a carefree spirit.

6. Bold Copper Pixie

Fire-like red pixie cut.

If you want a vibrant pixie cut, this is it! It’s a stunning display of confidence, featuring a bold, fiery copper color that’s sure to turn heads. The layers are expertly cut to create natural volume at the top while keeping the overall look easy to manage.

7. Sleek Sculpted Pixie

Pixie haircut with curled under bangs.

For sleek sophistication, try this pixie with glossy hair swept forward at the bangs to soften the face. The precision of the cut makes it a perfect blend of edgy yet elegant.

8. Blonde Shaggy Pixie

Blonde shaggy pixie cut.

Consider this playful twist on the classic pixie style with its shaggy layers and blonde highlights that provide texture and depth. The carefree, tousled look of this wash and wear style is both youthful and spirited.

9. Chic Silver Pixie

Short silver pixie cut.

Celebrate your hair color with this pixie! The luxurious silver hue adds an instant touch of elegance and sophistication. The closely cropped sides transition into a slightly longer, textured top, allowing for easy styling and a contemporary look.

10. Tousled Piecey Pixie

Tousled piecey pixie cut with bangs.

This playful cut features choppy layers that create a beautifully tousled and textured look, full of movement and life. The soft, piecey bangs gently frame the face, making this pixie hairstyle as flattering as it is fun.

11. Pastel Dream

Pastel pink pixie cut.

A truly whimsical take on the classic pixie, this hairstyle is dipped in a soft pastel pink that exudes a dreamy, fairytale charm. The feather-light layers are styled for a gentle lift at the roots, creating a delicate airiness that flatters the face with a youthful, modern vibe.

12. Tousled Pixie with Bangs

Tousled pixie with bangs.

For rich texture, this pixie with tousled layers adds volume and a playful touch to the classic style. The deep, side-swept bangs bring a softness to the face, making it a versatile cut that’s both stylish and effortlessly wearable, perfect for any age or occasion.

13. Swept-Back Pixie

Swept-back pixie cut.

If you want sleek, modern charm, try this cut with its longer, swept-back top layers that add a sense of movement and sophistication. The shorter sides enhance the clean lines of the face.

14. Silver Textured Pixie

Silver vintage pixie cut.

This pixie cut is a beautiful blend of elegance and edge, with its natural silver color and textured layers that create volume and a contemporary silhouette. The feathered bangs softly frame the face.

15. Feathered Fringe Pixie

Feathered Fringe Pixie cut.

This alluring pixie style plays with texture and movement, featuring a feathered fringe that elegantly sweeps across the forehead. The choppy layers throughout give a sense of volume and dynamic flair.

16. Highlighted Pixie Bob

Highlighted Pixie Bob cut.

Want to combine a pixie and a bob? This pixie bob is a harmonious blend of light and shadow, featuring wheat blonde highlights that catch the light, contrasting beautifully with the darker base. The haircut falls gracefully around the jawline.

17. Classic Blonde Pixie

Short blond pixie cut.

A classic and chic cut, this style, with its short, neat layers and blonde hues, brings out a youthful vibrancy. The cut is tapered around the ears and nape for a sleek profile, while the longer, feathered pieces on top add just the right amount of volume for an easy-to-style look.

18. Curly Blonde Pixie

Curly blonde pixie cut.

This hairstyle is a joyful expression of curls and color, with natural blonde curls cut into a playful pixie that frames the face with softness and volume. The style is airy and light, perfect for showcasing vibrant personality and easygoing charm, all while keeping the maintenance minimal and the feel carefree.

19. Spiky Layered Pixie

Edgy spiky layered pixie cut.

If you want an edgy cut, this bold layered pixie has textured, spiky layers that add a modern and rebellious twist to the traditional pixie silhouette. The tapered sides and voluminous top create a dynamic contrast that can be styled sleek or tousled for an extra dose of personality.

20. Asymmetrical Blonde Pixie

Asymmetrical Blonde Pixie cut.

Consider an asymmetrical style that adds an element of surprise and modernity. The tousled blonde layers are cut to perfection, providing texture and a light, breezy feel that makes this look as effortless as it is stylish.

21. Grown-Out Silver Curl Pixie

Grown out silver pixie cut.

If you want to grow out your hair, opt for this grown-out pixie cut, where natural silver curls are celebrated with volume and grace. The cut’s soft layers fall perfectly to enhance the hair’s texture.

22. Spiky Pixie Charm

Short spiky pixie.

These sharply defined spikes add an edgy touch to a classic short hairstyle. The textured layers and the subtle highlights create a playful yet polished look.

23. Messy Piecey Pixie

Messy Piecey Pixie cut.

Piecey bangs and choppy layers come together to create a look that’s as carefree as it is captivating. The contrasting lengths within the cut add an edgy dimension, while the tousled styling keeps it soft and approachable.

24. Sleek Side-Parted Pixie

Deep side part pixie cut.

A deep side part that gives a sleek, modern edge to this straight pixie, perfect for framing the face and highlighting the eyes. The longer top layers are swept gracefully to the side, providing a versatile look that can go from daytime casual to evening chic with ease.

25. Voluminous Silver Curls

Curly silver pixie cut.

This pixie hairstyle is a celebration of natural texture, with lively silver curls that add volume and an exuberant touch to the classic pixie cut. The layers are masterfully shaped to enhance the curl pattern.

26. Wavy Bangs Pixie

Curled bangs pixie cut.

For a modern take on the classic pixie style, try this cut, which features soft, curled, wavy bangs that gracefully frame the forehead and eyes. The texture provides a playful yet sophisticated look.

27. Teal Pixie

Teal blue pixie cut.

Make a bold statement with a vibrant teal blue hue that’s both playful and edgy. The wavy texture adds a touch of whimsy and movement, giving the traditional pixie silhouette a fresh, modern update that’s sure to turn heads.

28. Voluminous Tousled Pixie

Voluminous top Tousled Pixie cut.

This short cut is a breath of fresh air with its natural, tousled style and a voluminous top that adds an element of playfulness. The soft, ashy blonde color complements the light, airy feel of the pixie.

29. Piecey Platinum Pixie

Piecey Platinum Pixie cut.

Dazzle with a white shade and piecey layers that create a chic, textured look with ample volume. The hairstyle exudes confidence and flair.

30. Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs pixie cut.

This charming pixie features a soft side-swept bang that gently caresses the forehead, offering a flattering frame for the face. The dynamic layers throughout provide a full-bodied look, while the subtle highlights enhance the texture.

31. Shaggy Chic Pixie

Shaggy layered pixie cut.

Explore a playful yet polished energy with these shaggy layers that create a beautifully textured and voluminous look. The side-swept bangs add a touch of softness, framing the face.

32. Platinum Pixie with Dark Roots

Platinum Pixie with Dark Roots.

This pixie exudes modern sophistication with its striking ash blonde shade contrasted by chic dark roots, creating a sleek silhouette that’s as edgy as it is elegant, perfect for the fashion-forward individual.

33. Straight Side-Swept Pixie

Straight brown pixie cut with side-swept bangs.

For a sleek and modern vibe, try this straight, shiny pixie with side-swept bangs that create a sophisticated frame for the face. The chocolate brown color is rich and warm, providing a natural look that’s both elegant and easy to wear. The perfect low-maintenance hairstyle.

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