These 34 Chic Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair Are Trending Right Now

If you’ve been blessed with thick, luscious locks, now’s the perfect time to embrace a new, short hairstyle that will showcase your gorgeous hair. We’ve handpicked some of the most stunning short hairstyles for thick hair that are currently trending. Get ready to find your new signature look and fall head over heels with these low-maintenance styles that will have you looking and feeling your absolute best!

1. Bob With Blunt Bangs

Bob With Blunt Bangs Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

The straight edges and blunt bangs give you a chic, geometric look that’s always in style. This cut frames your face, highlighting your eyes and cheekbones. It’s a fantastic wash-and-go style that keeps your morning routine as simple as possible.

2. Cropped Curls With Bangs

Cropped Curls With Bangs Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

Let your personality shine with this playful, short, curly bob. The bangs add a youthful touch while keeping the curls structured around your face. It’s an excellent style for adding volume without overwhelming your features.

3. Textured Wavy Bob

Textured Wavy Bob  Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

This wavy hairstyle brings a casual elegance with its layered waves, adding depth and movement. Perfect for a soft, approachable look that’s versatile for both work and play. The added texture reduces weight, making it a comfortable choice for thick hair.

4. Rounded Pixie

Rounded Pixie Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

Choose a bold, streamlined look with this rounded pixie cut. It’s low maintenance and keeps you cool. This style accentuates your facial structure and is a sleek, modern take on the classic pixie.

5. Feathered Pixie Bob

Feathered Pixie Bob Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

This short cut combines the playfulness of a pixie with the elegance of a bob, featuring layers that create a feathered look. It’s perfect for adding dimension and style without the bulk of longer locks. The layers give a lively, youthful vibe that’s easy to manage.

6. Voluminous Curls

Voluminous Curls Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

These luscious curls add volume and drama to your look. Perfect for creating a bold statement, they’re soft yet striking. The layered cut and styling create movement and bounce while preventing the hair from appearing too heavy or weighed down.

7. Vivid Copper Waves

Vivid Copper Waves Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

These bright, copper waves offer a stunning take on the classic bob. They capture light beautifully, making your hair the centerpiece of your style. Styling your thick hair into soft, touchable waves will create a flattering shape that showcases your red hair’s natural volume and texture.

8. Chin Length Bob

Chin Length Bob Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

This short chin-length bob is sleek and stylish, offering a timeless look perfect for any occasion. It’s especially flattering for framing your face and enhancing your jawline. If you have thick hair and are seeking a fuss-free look, a chin-length bob might be the perfect choice for you.

9. Face Framing Bob

Face Framing Bob Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

Enhance your natural beauty with this face-framing bob that’s cut to perfection. The layers softly contour your face, drawing attention to your best features. The gradual increase in length towards the back creates a flowing shape that adds movement and dimension to your thick hair.

10. Cropped Rounded Layers

Cropped Rounded Layers Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

Jump on the trend with this modern take on the pixie cut, featuring rounded layers that create a soft, full-bodied look. Not only does this cropped, rounded-layer hairstyle flatter a variety of face shapes, but it also offers a low-maintenance styling routine. The layered cut works with your hair’s natural texture, allowing you to achieve a polished look with minimal effort.

11. Curly Pixie Bob

Curly Pixie Bob Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

Step up your style game with this curly pixie bob. The curls are loosely structured to add texture and volume, making it a standout choice. The key to this style is the layered cut, which helps to remove bulk and define your curls, allowing them to spring up and form a delightful, bouncy shape.

12. Tapered Bob With Bangs

Tapered Bob With Bangs Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

This cut is structured enough to give you a sharp, clean profile while the bangs soften your features. The tapered cut allows for easier maintenance and styling, too. This hairstyle is ideal for thick hair as it reduces bulk and enhances your hair’s natural texture. It’s a smart choice for maintaining a stylish yet manageable length.

13. Cropped Wavy Bob

Cropped Wavy Bob Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

Ready for an effortlessly chic style? The cropped wavy bob is your go-to. This style accentuates your natural waves, adding a playful bounce. It’s a fantastic, low-maintenance choice that still looks styled with minimal effort. The waves provide a soft, natural texture that enhances volume without overpowering.

14. Swept Back Pixie Bob

Swept Back Pixie Bob Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

The swept-back pixie bob removes bulk and heaviness from thick hair through its layered cut, providing a lighter, more manageable style. Brushing the longer top pieces back creates an effortlessly chic, voluminous look that highlights your natural texture, while the cropped sides and back keep this beautiful blonde style neat and sleek.

15. Short Wavy Layers with Bangs

Short Wavy Layers with Bangs Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

You’ll adore the playful, polished look of this wavy bob with bangs. Thanks to its textured layers, this cut balances your natural hair thickness and makes daily styling a breeze. Plus, those bangs? They’re perfect for framing your face and adding a youthful vibe to your look.

16. Bob With Bangs

Bob With Bangs Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

Here’s a classic: a bob with bangs is a timeless style that suits almost every face shape, effortlessly blending sophistication with a touch of youthfulness. The bangs soften your facial features, while the bob cut keeps things breezily chic.

17. Stacked Bob

Stacked Bob Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

Choose a stacked bob to add volume and texture to the back of your head while maintaining a sleek, angled look at the front. This cut removes bulk by keeping the front longer and gradually stacking shorter layers towards the back while creating a rounded, voluminous silhouette that beautifully showcases your hair’s natural thickness and texture.

18. Cropped Curls

Cropped Curls Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

Naturally curly? Embrace your natural texture with these beautifully cropped curls. This softly layered cut is tailored to reduce bulk and define your curls, ensuring each ringlet pops with definition and style. Enjoy the freedom of lighter, beautifully sculpted curls that stay lively and manageable all day long.

19. Cropped Copper Waves

Cropped Copper Waves Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

This hairstyle makes a bold statement with its rich, copper tone and soft, flowing waves that frame your face beautifully. It’s particularly flattering for thick hair, as the layers and waves work together to lighten the load without sacrificing volume. Choose this lively cut to transform your hair into a manageable yet utterly gorgeous style that catches the light – and plenty of compliments – wherever you go.

20. Pixie With Side-Swept Bangs

Pixie With Side-Swept Bangs Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

This cut significantly reduces volume, making your hair more manageable while emphasizing a sophisticated silhouette. The side-swept bangs soften your facial features and add an airy, effortless charm to the style. Another plus is that styling is simple, quick, and perfect for a busy lifestyle.

21. Bob With Side Braid

Bob With Side Braid Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

Tired of your plain bob style? Consider this charming bob with a side braid for a creative twist on the traditional short bob hairstyle. This hairstyle works exceptionally well for thick hair, as the braid adds a delightful detail while helping manage and distribute your hair’s natural volume.

22. Cropped Springy Coils

Cropped Springy Coils Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

If you have thick hair and crave a style that enhances your natural texture, these short, springy coils are your perfect match. This cut is brilliant for boosting your curls, giving each coil more definition and bounce. The cropped length keeps things airy and light, reducing weight and minimizing your styling time.

23. Stacked Bob With Chunky Highlights

Stacked Bob With Chunky Highlights Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

Transform your thick hair with a stacked bob that introduces dynamic chunky highlights. This hairstyle is especially effective for thick hair as the stacked layers create a gorgeous sculpted shape, making your hair look full yet refined. The chunky highlights add a modern feel, enhancing the depth and dimension of the bob.

24. Curly Pixie With Tapered Neck

Curly Pixie With Tapered Neck Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

This style accentuates your thick curls by providing shape and structure, making it easier to manage daily. The tapered neck keeps the look clean, enhancing the playful bounce of the curls on top. A light and airy cut!

25. Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

This cut is all about precision, with clean lines that create a striking, polished look. The blunt ends help to manage the weight of thick hair, promoting a smooth appearance. This style is particularly effective for a hair transformation that is all about elegance.

26. Layered Bob

Layered Bob Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

This layered bob is a brilliant choice if you’re looking for a style that adds volume and movement effortlessly. This hairstyle is designed to add movement and texture, lightening the bulk of thick strands while providing shape. Each layer enhances your hair’s natural body, making styling more versatile.

27. Voluminous Updo For Thick Hair

Voluminous Updo For Thick Hair Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

For an elegant event or a special night out, the voluminous updo is a fantastic choice for women with thick hair. This style pulls your hair back into a gorgeous arrangement that showcases volume and texture, using your hair’s natural thickness to create a breathtaking look. It’s perfect for showcasing your facial features while keeping you cool and comfortable.

28. Layered Feathered Bob

Layered Feathered Bob Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

The layered feathered bob is an excellent choice if you want to bring lightness and movement to your thick hair. The layers are expertly cut to add a feathered texture that flutters with each movement, providing an airy feel to your look. This style is the perfect option for anyone wanting to update their style without going too extreme.

29. Side-Parted Retro Bob

Side-Parted Retro Bob Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

Channel vintage glamour with a side-parted retro bob, a style that’s particularly flattering for thick hair. This bob is cut to perfection, allowing for a smooth and sleek look that highlights the density of your hair while maintaining a manageable length. The deep side part adds a touch of classic Hollywood elegance, enhancing the cut’s shape and volume.

30. Textured Pixie With Undercut

Textured Pixie With Undercut Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

Go bold with this textured pixie featuring an undercut. This cut significantly reduces bulk at the nape of your neck, allowing the textured layers on top to stand out with volume and movement. A perfect way to express your personality, this hairstyle is as easy to care for as it is fun to wear.

31. Choppy Rounded Layered Bob

Choppy Rounded Layered Bob Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

The layering technique used in this style allows the natural volume and body of thick hair to be distributed more evenly, preventing the bob from appearing too bottom-heavy or bulky. Choppy, textured ends help to break up the heaviness of thick hair and provide easier manageability. The graduated layers at the back of the head offer a subtle stacked effect, further enhancing the rounded shape and adding a touch of dimension and interest.

32. Swept-Back Pixie

Swept-Back Pixie Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

This pixie style is a fantastic choice for thick hair, as it pulls the hair back and away from your face, highlighting your features while managing volume effortlessly. The sleek, swept-back approach maintains a neat, hassle-free look throughout the day. It’s also incredibly low maintenance: a little styling product to sweep your hair back, and you’re good to go!

33. Short Shaggy Tapered Layers

Shaggy Tapered Layers Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

If you’re looking to bring out the best in your thick hair with a laid-back style, consider short shaggy layers that are tapered. This style adds texture and reduces bulk, making it a breeze to manage. The layers are cut to create a lively, shaggy look that moves freely and frames your face beautifully. It’s a carefree, youthful hairstyle that enhances natural volume without the heaviness often associated with thick hair.

34. Wavy Bob with Side Part

Wavy Bob with Side Part Short Hairstyle For Thick Hair.

Go for a softer, more romantic look with the wavy bob featuring a side part. This hairstyle is excellent for thick hair as the waves add texture, and the short bob cut keeps it manageable and chic. The side part enhances the waves, giving a beautiful, asymmetrical flow that highlights your features.

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