30 Medium-Length Shag Haircuts You’ll Want To Try in 2024

Are you ready to shake up your look with a fabulous shaggy haircut? If you prefer your hair not too short and not too long, you’ll love these medium-length shag haircuts, striking the perfect balance of versatility and edginess. Whether you’re craving a subtle change or a dramatic transformation, these shag cuts are your ticket to a fresh, modern look.

1. Choppy Shag

Choppy Shag Medium-Length Hairstyle.

This style is all about layering and texture, making it a perfect choice if you’re looking for something that’s easy to style but still trendy. The choppy layers add a funky touch and work well to give your hair some body and movement.

2. Blonde Shag With Dark Roots

Blonde Shag With Dark Roots Medium-Length Hairstyle.

Embrace a bit of rock ‘n’ roll flair with this blonde shag cut. The contrast between the dark roots and blonde strands adds depth and makes this style easier to maintain as it grows out. This haircut is particularly effective at adding volume and dimension.

3. Wavy Mid-Length Shag

Wavy Mid-Length Shag.

If you have natural waves, this cut will enhance them beautifully, making it seem like you’ve put more effort into your look than you actually have. The layers are designed to reduce weight, allowing your waves to bounce freely. It’s perfect for anyone wanting a shag hairstyle that enhances natural texture and maximizes movement.

4. Wispy Silver Shag With Bangs

Wispy Silver Shag With Bangs Medium-Length Hairstyle.

This shag is all about softness and subtlety, featuring light, airy layers that create a youthful look. The bangs frame your eyes and soften your facial features. It’s perfect for creating a fresh look that’s flattering and low-key.

5. Medium Length Copper Shag

Medium Length Copper Shag Haircut.

This cut is tailored to bring out the best in medium-length hair, providing shape and structure with expert layering. The style allows for flexibility in how you wear it, whether you choose to air dry for a casual look or blow-dry for a bit more polish. And the copper shade is simply stunning.

6. Straight Feathered Shag

Straight Feathered Shag Medium-Length Hairstyle.

Feathered layering makes your hair appear thicker and fuller, which is ideal if you have fine hair or want to boost volume without excessive styling. It’s THE shag that combines texture with a sleek appeal. 😍

7. Wavy Shaggy Cut With Piecey Bangs

Wavy Shaggy Cut With Piecey Bangs.

This cut enhances your natural waves with strategically placed layers that create a textured appearance. The piecey bangs add a playful touch, drawing attention to your eyes and balancing the volume throughout your hair. It’s perfect for a new look that’s effortlessly stylish.

8. Textured Shag

Textured Thick Shag Medium-Length Hairstyle.

Tap into the textured trend with this voluminous shag. This style is all about creating depth and movement with layers that invite your natural texture to come alive. It’s a fantastic choice if you’re aiming for a vibrant look that stands out while maintaining a laid-back look.

9. Tousled Brown Shag With Bangs

Tousled Brown Shag With Bangs Medium-Length Hairstyle.

Go for a tousled look if you want a style that combines playful texture with casual elegance. The bangs frame the face beautifully, softening your features and enhancing your eyes. Perfect for everyday wear, it’s a style that keeps on giving, looking just as good messy as it does fresh.

10. Wispy Shag With Long Bangs

Wispy Shag With Long Bangs Medium-Length Hairstyle.

Think of the wispy shag with long bangs as your go-to for a trendsetting yet easy-to-manage look. The layers here do wonders for thin hair, adding volume and movement that bring out the best in any hair type. And those long bangs? They soften your features and can be styled to suit your mood or the occasion.

11. Blonde Bob With Shaggy Layers

Blonde Bob With Shaggy Layers Medium-Length Hairstyle.

Play up your hair texture with shaggy layers. These voluminous layers add a lively dimension to the classic bob, making it ideal for a modern look. You can let it air dry for a carefree, tousled look or add a bit of styling cream for a more polished appearance.

12. Tapered Wavy Shag

Tapered Wavy Shag Medium-Length Hairstyle.

The tapered wavy shag enhances your natural curls or waves, giving a light, bouncy feel to your hair. If you’re someone who values a balance between style and convenience, this wavy shag offers the freedom to shake things up with minimal styling time. Whether you scrunch in some product for added texture or just let it air dry, you’ll be good to go in no time.

13. Shag With Side Swept Bangs

Shag With Side Swept Bangs Medium-Length Hairstyle.

Featuring side-swept bangs that blend seamlessly into layered waves, this shag is all about creating a soft, romantic vibe. It’s an excellent choice for adding volume to finer hair, while the layering minimizes bulk for thicker hair types. This hairstyle delivers a modern look with just a quick brush and minimal styling products.

14. Straight Shag For Thick Hair

Straight Shag For Thick Hair Medium-Length Hairstyle.

This is the ultimate cut for managing thick hair while keeping it stylish. The strategic layers help distribute your hair’s weight, making it feel lighter and more manageable. It’s a wonderful choice if you want a shag haircut that simplifies styling but still looks full and healthy.

15. Medium Length Tousled Shag

Medium Length Tousled Shag Haircut.

If you’re looking for a shag haircut that provides volume and texture with minimal effort, the medium-length tousled shag is a go-to. The light layers and wispy ends create a beautifully textured look that enhances volume. The added depth from the layering allows for different styling options, whether you’re curling it for more bounce or straightening it for a sleek, edgy look.

16. Ombre Shag

Ombre Shag Medium-Length Hairstyle.

This hairstyle merges the soft gradient of ombre with the edgy texture of a shag cut, making it perfect for adding a little boost to your style without too much commitment. The layers enhance the color transition, adding a dimension that really makes the colors pop.

17. Straight Blonde Shag Cut

Straight Blonde Shag Medium-Length Hairstyle.

Straight, sharp layers deliver a clean, polished look you’ll love. This style is especially great if you have fine or limp hair, as the layers help to create an illusion of thickness and volume without heavy styling. It’s an adaptable look that allows you to experiment with different partings and styles, ensuring you never get bored.

18. Voluminous Wispy Shag

Voluminous Wispy Shag Medium-Length Hairstyle.

This look is about creating maximum volume with wispy, feathered layers that flow effortlessly. It’s ideal for injecting life into fine hair, giving you a bouncy, full-bodied look that feels as light as it looks. This style is incredibly forgiving on a variety of face shapes, thanks to its soft lines and textured ends, which work to soften features.

19. Vivid Copper Shag

Vivid Copper Shag Medium-Length Hairstyle.

Inject some color into your shag cut! Catch everyone’s eye with this vivid copper shag that combines rich color with textured shaggy layers. The layers work wonderfully to accentuate the copper tones, offering a warm, vibrant look that stands out.

20. Loose Curly Shag

Loose Curly Shag Medium-Length Hairstyle.

Show off your hair’s natural texture and volume with this shoulder-length shag hairstyle. The layers are cut to enhance your natural curl so that you can skip the extensive styling. A little mousse or curl cream, and you’re ready to go, which is fantastic for those busy days.

21. Mid-Length Soft Shag With Bangs

Mid-Length Soft Shag With Bangs.

Soft layers meld into the bangs to enhance your facial features, and the gentle waves create a voluminous appearance, making your hair look fuller. This cut isn’t just about good looks; it’s incredibly practical, too. The length is long enough to pull back when you need a more polished look yet short enough to avoid the fuss of extensive styling.

22. Choppy Highlighted Shag

Choppy Highlighted Shag Medium-Length Hairstyle.

Highlights accentuate the shaggy layers, creating a vibrant, multidimensional look that is easy to style. The versatility of this cut allows you to easily switch up your look from casual and laid-back to glamorous and edgy. Once you experience the compliments that come with this jaw-dropping shaggy cut, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner!

23. Curly Shag

Curly Shag Medium-Length Hairstyle.

Shaggy layers work wonderfully to reduce bulk, making your curls light and defined. The natural, tousled finish means you can say goodbye to meticulous styling. And the choppy layers give your hair a fuller look and add movement, making each strand appear energized and voluminous.

24. Thick Textured Shag

Thick Textured Shag Medium-Length Hairstyle.

This shag is a must-have for women with thick hair looking to manage their tresses while keeping style in check. The layers in this cut are crafted to remove weight and enhance texture, allowing for a natural, buoyant look. This is particularly beneficial if your hair tends to feel heavy or unmanageable, as the layering promotes bounce and ease of movement.

25. Blonde Shag With Rounded Bangs

Blonde Shag With Rounded Bangs Medium-Length Hairstyle.

Flaunt a classic with a twist with the blonde shag featuring rounded bangs that soften and frame your face. This style combines the lift and lightness of a shag cut with the elegance of smoothly curved bangs. Plus, it works brilliantly with minimal styling effort.

26. Shag With Curtain Bangs

Brown Shag With Curtain Bangs Medium-Length Hairstyle.

Want a gorgeous blend of modern and retro? Try this shag cut with its curtain bangs that frame the face beautifully. The shag layers add texture, and the bangs softly frame your face, drawing attention to your eyes.

27. White Shag with Bangs

 Medium-Length Hairstyle.

This shag hairstyle is striking in color and cut, with layers that add volume and a breezy feel. The feather-light layers offer an airy feel, while the bangs soften your features and shine a spotlight on your eyes.

28. Tousled Beachy Shag

Tousled Beachy Shag Medium-Length Hairstyle.

Capture the essence of the beach with this tousled shag. Intentionally messy, this cut’s perfectly disheveled layers create a truly carefree look. With every strand seeming to fall just right, the cut enhances your natural features and works wonderfully on any hair texture.

29. Shag With Highlighted Tips

Shag With Babylights Medium-Length Hairstyle.

Add a subtle sparkle to your hair with a shag enhanced by subtle highlights. This style adds a touch of radiance without overwhelming your look, perfect for boosting your look with a hint of vibrancy. It’s great for an understated style refresh.

30. Soft Wavy Shag

Soft Wavy Shag Medium-Length Hairstyle.

For a gentle, feminine look, the soft wavy shag is a go-to. The waves are perfectly defined by the layered cuts, offering a charming style that’s easy to love and even easier to maintain.

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