30 Trending Edgar Haircuts for Men in 2024

Edgar haircuts for men have surged onto the style scene, becoming a defining trend of 2024 that combines boldness with precision.

What are Edgar haircuts? Picture a sharp, straight line across the forehead, paired with a fade on the sides and back. It’s a bold look that stands out, especially with its precise edges and structured form.

Whether it’s the textured top paired with a skin-tight fade or the addition of a daring piecey fringe, these hairstyles are as much a form of personal expression as they are a nod to contemporary fashion:

1. Tapered Edgar Crop

Brushed forward taped Edgar haircut for men.

This edgy Edgar look is all about texture and sharp contrasts. The sides are masterfully faded down to the skin, giving a sharp contrast that accentuates the casual yet structured appearance of the thick hair on top.

2. Textured Top Edgar

Textured top Edgar haircut with taper fade.

This stylish Edgar cut features a generously textured top, giving it a tousled and fresh look. The sides are neatly faded down to the skin, creating a crisp contrast that’s on-trend for 2024.

3. Curly Top Edgar

Curly top Edgar haircut with skin fade.

Curls take center stage in this Edgar haircut, where the natural volume and bounce provide a playful twist to the classic style. The sharp fade on the sides keeps the look clean and fresh, while the curls on top bring a fun and youthful vibe.

4. Frosted Fade Edgar

Gray cropped Edgar haircut for men.

This Edgar haircut is a standout with its striking frosted white-gray shade that adds a cool edge to the overall style. The skin fade is immaculate, blending seamlessly into the icy top. It’s a bold choice that pairs well with confident style choices and is sure to grab attention.

5. Sculpted Waves Edgar

Edgar cut with voluminous top Edgar hairstyle for men.

A masterpiece of styling, this Edgar haircut shows off sculpted short waves. The design etched into the fade is an artistic expression, while the waves on top offer a soft contrast to the precise lines.

6. Edgar Buzz Cut

Edgar buzz cut for men.

Here we have the Edgar cut going back to the roots with a classic buzz cut approach. The top is kept short and neat, making it incredibly easy to maintain, while the fade around the back and sides ensures a modern profile.

7. Edgar Classic Crop

Edgar haircut with high fade Edgar cut for men.

This Edgar cut keeps it classic with a neat, straight fringe and a uniformly short top. The sides feature a high fade that transitions smoothly into the top, giving it a timeless, clean look. It’s a sharp, no-frills short haircut that maintains Edgar’s signature style.

8. Textured Edgar with Fade

Edgar haircut with drop fade men's haircut.

This Edgar cut presents a straight fringe with a textured top paired with a sharp, high fade. The defining line etched into the fade adds a modern look while the overall look remains effortlessly cool.

9. Bleach Blonde Edgar

Bleach blonde Edgar haircut for men.

This look takes the Edgar haircut to new heights with bleached tips and a tousled top, contrasting with dark roots for a dramatic effect. The bald fade contrasts sharply with the distinctively styled longer top.

10. Disconnected Edgar Cut with Line

Disconnected Edgar haircut with line.

A unique take on the Edgar, this style features a textured top with a disconnected line, adding an artistic touch to the textured hair. The sides are faded to a near-skin level, enhancing the visual impact of the line.

11. Bowl Edgar with Straight Fringe

Bowl Edgar haircut for men with high fade.

This bowl Edgar haircut showcases a full, straight fringe that rests just above the eyes. The top is kept longer and textured for a fuller look, while the sides and back are neatly faded for a clean finish.

12. Low Fade Curly Edgar Cut

Low Fade curly Edgar cut with bleached top.

The Edgar cut embraces natural curls, leaving them longer on top to create a stark contrast with the low skin fade on the sides and back. The highlighted curls add a playful texture that stands out against the clean lines of the fade.

13. Edgar Cut with Low Fade

Edgar cut with low fade.

This textured Edgar haircut features a razor fade that creates a sleek transition from the dense top to the skin. The top is styled with volume and movement, giving a modern and dynamic look.

14. Edgar Cut with Beard

Edgar haircut for men with beard.

This Edgar hairstyle showcases a textured top with a gradual tapered fade on the sides and back. The natural texture of the hair adds an approachable feel to the style, while the taper provides a neat and clean look. The beard adds a rugged touch, complementing the masculine aesthetic.

15. Long Fringe Edgar Cut

Long fringe Edgar haircut for men.

This version of the Edgar cut presents a long fringe that sweeps across the forehead, giving it a softer, more textured look. The sides and back are faded close to the skin, enhancing the contrast with the voluminous top.

16. Textured Edgar Haircut with Mid Fade

Textured Edgar Haircut with Mid Fade. Men's cropped cut.

This men’s hairstyle features the distinctive Edgar cut, which is characterized by a straight fringe across the forehead. The sides are tapered with a mid fade that blends subtly into the skin halfway up the head. The hair on top is kept slightly longer and texturized to create a contrast with the clean lines of the fringe and fade, offering a sharp and trendy look.

17. Spiked Edgar with Long Fringe

Spiked Edgar haircut with long fringe men's hairstyle.

Bold and textured, this Edgar haircut has a choppy, layered, spiky top for a rugged look. The sides are tightly faded to accentuate the thick, wild styling of the hair on top.

18. Classic Edgar

Classic Edgar haircut for men.

This is a Classic Edgar cut, notable for its bold and prominent straight fringe that rests above the eyebrows. The hair on the sides and back is cut very short, providing a stark contrast to the fullness of the top.

19. Silver Edgar Cut with Mid Fade

Silver Edgar cut with mid fade hairstyle for men.

This style is a modern take on the Edgar haircut, featuring a crisp silvery mid fade. The silver hair on top provides a striking contrast with the darker roots and the skin fade on the sides, creating a standout look.

20. Edgar Cut with High Skin Fade

Edgar cut with high skin fade men's hairstyle/

This Edgar cut features a high skin fade that blends seamlessly into the skin, enhancing the sharpness of the silhouette. The top is left with sufficient length to provide a contrast, styled forward with a slightly tousled texture.

21. Blonde Skin Fade Edgar

Blonde skin fade Edgar men's haircut.

The Edgar cut here is boosted with a golden blonde fringe that stands out against the natural dark tones of the roots. The top is kept longer and swept forward, while the sides are faded to skin for a stark contrast.

22. Messy Top Edgar with Fringe

Messy top Edgar with fringe men's Edgar hairstyle.

This Edgar cut presents a contrast with its messy, textured top and neat, low-to-mid-fade sides. This take on the Edgar haircut plays with volume and movement.

23. Sharp Edgar Crop

Sharp Edgar crop men's hairstyle.

This Edgar hairstyle has a textured top with a choppy, layered approach that adds depth and interest to the hair. The sides are faded down to the skin, emphasizing the volume and dynamic look of the top section and longer fringe.

24. Edgar Textured Top with High Fade

Textured Edgar hair cut with high skin fade. Men's Edgar cut.

A thick, textured top with a forward-combed fringe provides a modern look to this Edgar cut. A stark high fade transitions into the textured volume, creating a clean and distinct boundary that emphasizes the fullness above.

25. Afro Edgar Cut with Defined Lines

Afro Edgar cut for men.

An afro Edgar cut creates a sharp contrast with precise, clean lines defining the hairline and temple area. The skin fade is executed flawlessly, blending into a slightly longer, meticulously shaped top.

26. Disconnected Edgar Cut with Mid Skin Fade

Disconnected Edgar cut with mid skin fade.

This stylish Edgar cut features a disconnected look with a mid skin fade and a defined line that adds a modern touch. The top is left longer and neatly styled, while the crisp fade creates a striking contrast.

27. Ginger Edgar Cut with Skin Fade

Ginger Edgar cut with skin fade.

This particular Edgar cut is a bold statement, combining a vibrant ginger top with a striking skin fade on the sides. The hair on top is left longer for a fuller look and swept forward for a modern touch.

28. Textured Edgar Cut

Textured Edgar cut for men.

This textured Edgar cut features a brushed forward, textured top. The sides are neatly faded, creating a sleek transition from the textured top that is reminiscent of a crew cut.

29. Edgar Cut with Defined Fringe

Textured Edgar cut with straight fringe.

This Edgar cut is characterized by its playful, textured, piecey bangs. The sides and back are closely faded, emphasizing the layers and movement at the top.

30. Edgar Cut with Brushed Forward Texture and Bald Fade

Textured Edgar cut with long fringe and bald fade.

The longer top of this Edgar cut is loaded with texture. The sides are sharply faded to the skin, accentuating the contrast with the textured top.

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