33 Modern Short Hairstyles and Haircuts For Men

These modern short hairstyles and haircuts for men are a curated selection that’s all about blending timeless class with cutting-edge trends.

Whether you’re seeking a fresh new look or just love keeping up with the latest in men’s hair fashion, this post is your ultimate guide. From sleek fades to textured crops, each style is handpicked to amp up your hair game.

1. Textured Crew Cut with High Fade

Textured crew cut  with high fade on blond hair.

Meet the quintessential classic high fade: it’s sharp, it’s clean, and it’s effortlessly cool. This look features a precise fade from the temples down, with a neatly trimmed top that adds just the right amount of suave to your style.

2. Short Textured Crop

Short textured crop men's haircut.

This textured crop is where edgy meets practicality. With its choppy layers on top and skin-fade sides, this men’s hairstyle is a bold statement that screams modern chic and is a breeze to maintain.

3. Ceasar Cut

Ceasar cut men's haircut.

This modern twist on the classic Caesar cut retains the traditional straight fringe but adds a contemporary edge with a higher fade and a touch of texture on top. Perfect for those who appreciate a nod to the classics with a fresh, current vibe, like these Edgar cuts.

4. Buzz Cut

Buzz cut men's haircut.

Behold the ultimate low-maintenance hero: the buzz cut. It’s all about minimalism and ease, with a uniform trim that’s as practical as it is stylish. This cut is a timeless choice for anyone seeking a clean, no-fuss look with a bold statement.

5. Tousled Textured Top

Tousled texture top short men's hairstyle.

Welcome to the irresistible charm of tousled waves, where texture and volume play the lead roles. This men’s hairstyle is all about embracing natural movement and a carefree vibe that works just as well for a casual day out as for a smart-casual event.

6. Platinum Ivy League

Platinum Ivy League mens hair cut.

This is a suave Ivy League cut with a modern twist thanks to that eye-catching platinum blonde. The hair is styled neatly, with a bit longer length on top for that classic, smart collegiate look, while the sides are kept short and tidy.

7. Textured Curly Top with Fade

Textured Curly Top with Fade men's haircut on smiling black man.

Try a textured curly top with fade, a style that celebrates the beauty of texture and volume. This look is all about showcasing defined twists and curls with a playful yet polished vibe that exudes confidence.

8. Curly Confidence

Curly short mens hairstyle.

Rock those curls with a style that’s all about embracing your natural texture. This cut showcases a full, curly top that exudes confidence and character, paired with shorter sides to highlight the volume and shape.

9. Textured Crop with Mid Fade

Textured crop with mid fade mens haircut.

This short men’s hairstyle is a modern twist on the classic crew cut, featuring a textured top with a subtle fringe that adds a bit of edge. The short sides are neatly faded, creating a sleek and clean look that’s both stylish and easy to maintain.

10. Slicked Back Pompadour with Undercut

Slicked Back Pompadour with Undercut men's haircut.

Channeling the classic vibes with a modern flair, this slicked pompadour stands out with its voluminous, swept-back top and perfectly sculpted waves. It’s a dapper choice for those who love a bit of drama in their style, with the sides kept short to accentuate the height and flow of the pomp.

11. Bald Fade

Mens bald fade short haircut.

Consider this sharp bald fade, which blends seamlessly from the skin to a slightly longer length on top. It’s a precision look that’s all about clean lines and smooth transitions, making it a go-to for a neat, contemporary style that’s as polished as it is practical.

12. Undercut Quiff

Undercut quiff haircut on handsome man. Black background.

This look is all about the contrast – the sharp undercut pairs with a voluminous quiff to create a bold statement. It’s a look that combines the sleekness of a close-cut side with the drama of a high-rise top, perfect for those looking to blend sophistication with a touch of rebellious flair.

13. Messy Surfer

Messy surfer short haircut on handsome man with blonde highlights.

The epitome of a carefree vibe, this tousled surfer cut has a sun-kissed, messy top that screams beach days and good times. The natural waves and playful texture give it a laid-back look, while the short sides keep it crisp. It’s the ultimate hairstyle for the guy who wants to look effortlessly cool.

14. Modern Pompadour

Modern pompadour mens short hairstyle on smiling man with dark hair.

This is a refined take on the pompadour, where volume and flow are king. The hair is expertly styled away from the face, creating that classic pomp silhouette, while the sides are tapered for a modern, polished finish. It’s a hairstyle that carries an air of sophistication and a nod to the golden era, all while being totally on-trend.

15. Faux Hawk Fade

Faux hawk fade haircut on man in barber chair. Shot from side/behind.

In this trendy faux hawk fade, the hair is cut shorter on the sides with a neat fade and left longer on top, styled up and towards the center to mimic a mohawk without the commitment of completely shaving the sides. It’s a versatile style that’s both edgy and easily tamed.

16. Brushed Up Blonde

Brushed up short blonde haircut on young man.

This eye-catching style showcases a platinum blonde sweepback that exudes both modern styling and trendiness. The top is left long and brushed back smoothly, creating a sleek flow, while the sides are trimmed shorter to emphasize the clean, swept-back look.

17. Modern French Crop

Modern French crop haircut on young man.

This modern French crop has a texturized top for a contemporary edge. The hair is cut at an angle, creating a layered effect that adds depth, while the sides feature a high fade that sharpens the overall look. It’s a hairstyle that’s at once stylish and low-maintenance, with a European flair.

18. Crew Cut with Beard

Short men's crew cut haircut with beard.

This classic crew cut is a testament to timeless style, paired impeccably with a neatly groomed beard. The hair is trimmed short and styled with a slight tousle for a touch of modern texture, creating a look that’s as suave as it is straightforward.

19. Messy Textured Crop with Fade

Messy textured crop with fade men's haircut.

A playful yet edgy hairstyle, this messy textured crop is all about embracing imperfection. The top bursts with a mix of choppy layers and blonde highlights, creating dynamic movement and a casual, tousled look. Coupled with a tight fade on the sides, it delivers a sharp contrast that’s very much in style.

20. High Top Fade

High top fade mens haircut on smiling black man.

Flaunting a high top fade, this look is a nod to the iconic styles of the ’80s and ’90s with a modern spin. The hair stands tall and proud, with a natural texture that adds personality and depth. The sides are faded down to the skin for a crisp, clean finish that perfectly frames the face.

21. Wavy Quiff

Wavy quiff haircut on smiling man with brown hair.

This hairstyle exudes a relaxed yet sophisticated charm with its wavy quiff. The natural waves are styled for volume and movement, giving a soft, approachable look that doesn’t skimp on style. It’s the perfect balance of laid-back and refined.

22. Sleek Side Part

Sleek side part haircut on young man.

Opt for classic charm with this sleek side part. The hair is combed neatly to one side, creating a smooth, polished look that works perfectly both for professional settings or casual evenings.

23. Comb Over Fade

Comb over fade haircut on smiling young man.

This hairstyle is a modern take on the comb over, paired with a fade near the ear for a clean, contemporary look. The hair is parted neatly and combed over with volume and flow, offering a sleek and stylish silhouette.

24. Curly Top Fade

Curly top fade short mens haircut on smiling black man.

Showcasing a curly top fade, this hairstyle is all about celebrating natural texture. The curls are left free to add volume and dimension on top, while the sides are faded to keep the look sharp and clean.

25. Tousled Top

Tousled top mens short hairstyle.

Check out this effortlessly cool look! The hair is cut short on the sides and left longer on top, allowing for some playful movement and a hint of rebel flair.

26. Natural Curls

Short curlys mens haircut on man with beard and blue eyes.

This gentleman is rocking a naturally curly look that’s cropped to perfection around the sides to give that volume up top the spotlight. It’s a powerful statement for anyone looking to embrace their natural texture.

27. Spiked Charm

Short and spiky mens short haircut.

Here’s a style that screams suave with a side of fun! This look takes the classic short haircut up a notch with spiked styling, adding an edgy twist that’s still clean-cut enough for the office.

28. Forward Fringe

Forward fringe mens short hairstyle.

This sun-kissed, textured forward fringe style has a carefree vibe, with the top styled forward and up for a look that’s both trendy and laid-back. It’s a perfect choice for the modern gent who wants to keep it casual yet sharply put together.

29. Side-Swept Scissor Cut

Side swept scissor haircut - short mens haircut.

Embrace timeless charm with this side-swept-scissor cut. It’s neat, with just the right amount of volume on top to keep things interesting, and the sides are tapered for a sleek, modern edge.

30. Modern Bowl Cut

Modern bowl haircut for men.

This hairstyle is all about letting your personality shine through a modern bowl cut. The hair is cut shorter on the sides while the top is left with a bit more length, allowing those natural waves to fall casually across the forehead.

31. Modern Short Box Fade

Modern short box fade haircut on smiling black man.

This hairstyle is a work of art with its precise lines and smooth finish! It’s a low-maintenance look with a close crop and subtle waves that add a touch of sophistication.

32. Slicked Volume

Pompadour with low fade haircut on smiling man looking out a window.

The sides of this pompadour cut are faded to perfection, leading to a voluminous top that’s slicked back with just the right amount of suave. It’s a look that’s both professional and relaxed.

33. Hard Side Part with High Fade

Hart side part with high fade mens haircut. Shot from side.

Capturing a blend of classic and contemporary, this hard side-part hairstyle is all about the smooth sweep-back. The sides are faded to perfection, creating a seamless transition to the voluminous, slicked-back hair on top.

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