30 Fabulous Short Hairstyles For Women Over 70 to Inspire Your Next Cut

If you’re ready to embrace change and try something new, these incredible short hairstyles for women over 70 will add volume, dimension, and a youthful touch to your look. These cropped styles are easy to maintain, versatile, and will have you feeling confident and ready to take on the world. Get ready to fall in love with a new, shorter length!

1. Tapered Layers With Bangs

Tapered Layers With Bangs Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

You’ll love how the tapered layers add a beautiful shape to your hair, making it look fuller and more voluminous. The full bangs soften your facial features, offering a gentle and flattering frame for your face. Blow dry with a round brush for a smooth, voluminous look.

2. Rounded Bob With Bangs

Rounded Bob With Bangs Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

The rounded bob is a timeless classic that flatters at every age. Gentle curves in this chin-length style contour to the shape of your head for an elegant look. Bangs skim the brow to brighten the face. A rounded bob works well for nearly all hair types and textures.

3. Layered Wavy Bob

Layered Wavy Bob Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

This cut is perfect for women with fine hair, as the soft waves add volume, texture, and movement, giving your locks a fuller appearance. The face-framing layers provide a flattering, youthful look that highlights your best features, while the length is easy to style and maintain.

4. Angled Bob

Angled Bob Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

An angled bob is all about chic precision that slants longer towards the front, drawing attention to your jawline and elongating your neck. The face-framing pieces draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones. It’s very flattering for virtually any face shape, enhancing your natural features.

5. Layered Bob With Side Swept Bangs

Layered Bob With Side Swept Bangs Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

The layers in this bob add movement and depth, making your hair appear thicker and more youthful. Side-swept bangs work wonderfully to highlight your features. The subtle layers throughout the cut boost volume without looking overdone, ensuring your hair looks natural and effortless.

6. Tousled Pixie With Glasses

Tousled Pixie With Glasses Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

This tousled pixie cut is perfect for showing off your playful side. The textured, messy cut hides thin areas and makes hair appear fuller, giving you a confident and carefree look. The short, airy layers work effortlessly with eyewear, ensuring your glasses complement the style rather than compete with it.

7. Short Shaggy Layers With Side Part

Short Shaggy Layers With Side Part Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

Create a modern look with short shaggy layers styled with a side part. The layered, feathered cut creates lots of natural-looking volume, giving your hair a lush and healthy appearance and making it perfect for fine hair. The side part and slight asymmetry are on-trend and stylish, while the face-framing pieces blend in grays beautifully for a more youthful look.

8. Sleek Silver Bob With Side Part

Sleek Silver Bob With Side Part Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

A sleek bob with a side part is a classic, sophisticated look that suits many women in their seventies. The short length is easy to style and maintain. The side part adds a youthful touch and can help slim a round face. Its versatility means it looks great whether you keep natural gray or opt for a different shade.

9. Cropped Curls

Cropped Curls Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

Cropped curls are fantastic for adding texture and volume to your hair. Keeping curls cropped short prevents them from appearing unruly or unkempt. Short curls beautifully frame the face and require little day-to-day styling – simply use a curl-enhancing product and allow your hair to air dry.

10. Soft Feathered Bob

Soft Feathered Bob Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

For a feminine, delicate look, consider a soft, feathered bob. Wispy, feathered layers add movement and volume. This style looks lovely blown out, smooth, or worn with a slight wave for texture. The feathering keeps the look soft and flattering around your face.

11. Tapered Natural Curls

Tapered Natural Curls Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

Tapered natural curls are an excellent choice for women embracing their natural hair texture. A tapered cut features shorter hair at the neck and ears while keeping more length through the crown for voluminous curls. A tapered style beautifully showcases your curl pattern.

12. Wavy Bob With Full Bangs

Wavy Bob With Full Bangs Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

The wavy bob with full bangs is a delightful blend of texture and style, perfect for adding a soft, feminine touch to your look. Full bangs help frame your face, drawing attention to your eyes, while the waves provide movement and a playful charm. Amp up the waves with styling spray for effortless, undone texture.

13. Layered Silver Waves

Layered Silver Waves Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

Layers enhance your wavy hair’s natural texture, providing volume and a fuller appearance. The layers are key in creating a light, bouncy look that lifts the hair naturally, giving it a fuller appearance, which is especially beneficial for thinning hair. This hairstyle is particularly flattering for highlighting the elegance of silver strands.

14. Short Shaggy Cut

Short Shaggy Cut Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

A short, shaggy cut with wispy pieces is youthful and modern. The choppy layers create a tousled, carefree look that’s super flattering. This cut is ideal for fine to medium hair textures and is easy to zhuzh up with your fingers and a texturizing product.

15. Feathered Pixie

Feathered Pixie Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

The feathered pixie is a timeless style icon for a reason – it suits most face shapes and hair textures. The tapered back and sides hug the back of your neck, while longer feathered layers on top provide softness and height. Side-swept bangs flatter your face beautifully. This cut works for fine to thick hair and grows out gracefully.

16. Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

It’s easy to enjoy the simplicity of a buzz cut. This ultra-low maintenance hairstyle is convenient, offering ease and comfort. It’s perfect for highlighting your facial features and truly showcases your confidence with its bold minimalism.

17. Short Wavy Layers

Short Wavy Layers Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

Short layers are a classic, elegant look that suits many older women. The soft waves add volume, movement, and texture to silvery gray hair. Layers around the face beautifully frame features and gently curl under for a polished finish.

18. Razored Pixie Cut

Razored Pixie Cut Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

Choppy layers created by a razor add texture and movement to fine or thinning hair. This cut is versatile – you can style it sleek and smooth for a polished appearance or tousled for a more casual, carefree vibe. The short length keeps your hair off your face, opening up and brightening your facial features.

19. Silver Pixie Bob

Silver Pixie Bob Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

Keeping your natural silver color with a chic pixie bob is a fantastic option for women over 70. This cut falls somewhere between a classic bob and a pixie, providing the best of both styles. The length is long enough to offer some styling options but short enough to maintain easily. And the face-framing pieces can really soften and flatter your face.

20. Short Feathered Layers

Short Feathered Layers Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

Short feathered layers are a timeless choice for women over 70 seeking a soft, feminine hairstyle. Layers are cut to gently frame and highlight your face, giving hair movement and shape without looking harsh. Feathering the ends creates a diffused, airy appearance that can help mask thinning hair.

21. Short Bob With Bangs

Classic Bob With Bangs Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

Bangs help disguise your forehead while giving this short bob a polished, intentional appearance. A bob with bangs can be customized to suit your unique features and style preferences. For example, choose side-swept bangs instead of blunt bangs for a softer look. This versatile cut can also be adapted for different hair textures and densities. With regular trims, a short bob is easily maintained.

22. Short Textured Pixie

Textured Pixie Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

This closely cropped style features short layers styled with texture for an edgy, piecey appearance. The cut minimizes the need for daily styling and is ideal for women with fine or thinning hair, as the texture creates the illusion of fuller locks. Pixies are so customizable – you can choose a longer pixie with side-swept bangs or go ultra-short with a pixie fade.

23. Chin-Length Bob with Bangs

Chin-Length Bob with Bangs Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

A chin-length bob with bangs is a classic, timeless cut that can be very flattering for ladies in their seventies. The length is long enough to softly frame your face, while the bangs help draw attention to your eyes. Keeping the bob around chin-length ensures the cut isn’t too severe and provides enough length to enable some styling versatility. This cut works well for most hair types and face shapes.

24. Cropped Silver Curls

Cropped Silver Curls Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

The soft, curly bob is a delightful choice that adds volume and texture to your hair. Keeping the curls short and close to your head is a great way to add volume and texture without overwhelming your features. This cut beautifully showcases silver hair’s unique shine and dimension.

25. Layered Pixie Bob

Layered Pixie Bob Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

This layered pixie bob combines the ease of a pixie cut with the softness of a bob. The layers add volume and dimension, making it a versatile style that looks great on any hair type. Some longer pieces allow you to change up the look by swooping hair to the side or back.

26. Textured Pixie With Undercut

Textured Pixie With Undercut Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

Go bold with a textured pixie with an undercut. The closely cropped sides and back juxtaposed with textured, volumized lengths on top create a chic, modern look. Keeping the top longer allows you to play with different textures and directions when styling.

27. Pixie With Textured Layers

Pixie With Textured Layers Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

A pixie with textured layers is a go-to for women who want something simple yet stylish. The cropped cut reduces upkeep while the layers infuse it with texture and movement. The layers are slightly longer around the face to flatter your features. Styling the layers in different directions easily changes up your look.

28. Textured Pixie with Bangs

Textured Pixie with Bangs Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

The textured pixie is all about creating volume and adding an airy feel to your hair. The short length keeps the style easy to maintain, while the choppy texture adds volume and movement. This cut works well for women with fine to medium hair and can be styled with a bit of texturizing spray or paste for a tousled look.

29. Cropped Pixie

Cropped Pixie Short Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

A cropped pixie is ultra-modern and perfect for showcasing your features. This minimalistic cut styles in minutes and is ideal for a busy lifestyle. This wash-and-wear style’s very short length opens up the face and draws attention to your features.

30. Short Wavy Pixie

Short Wavy Pixie  Hairstyle For Women Over 70.

For women with naturally wavy or curly hair, you can style a short pixie to showcase your texture. Keeping some length on top allows you to play up waves and coils. Scrunch in some curl cream or mousse to enhance your hair’s natural body and movement.

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